Texas, North America, & International Hunting

Riata books hunts in it's home state of Texas and abroad, and serves as a booking and consulting agency for North America and International hunting destinations.

We feature the top 10% of all hunting destinations worldwide! Continuous research, proven track record,  positive client results.

Riata is also a consulting agency to recreational ranch buyers, and is a consultant in the oil, gas & wind energy sector.

Our 4 specialties

1) Texas Hunting: big game & wingshooting

2012 Live Whitetail

South Texas, or the "wild horse desert" has been described by experts as one of the most diverse and rich wildlife ecosystems in the world. That's no surprise as South Texas ranks high in the Boone & Crockett Record Books for whitetail deer, is a true "honey hole" for trophy Mule Deer, the #1 destination in the lower 48 for high volume dove hunting, and is the last place on Earth where wild quail still thrive in large numbers.

The "Golden Triangle" of Texas as it has been coined was made up of original Spanish land grants in the early 1800's primarily for cattle production. Mexican cowboys or "Vaqueros" drove cattle from south Texas north to Fort Worth and the Kansas railhead to be shipped to markets in the northeast. Later it became famous for it's riches in oil and gas production. Today, it is famous for hunting.

Much of south Texas has been broken up into smaller, high fenced ranches and of late, deer breeding operations and introduced whitetail genetics. However, millions of acres of south Texas remain a wild, untamed wilderness built up of a very large, private, open low fenced, free range ranchland.

Here at Riata Hunting Ranches, we specialize in open free range, fair chase hunting. We offer hunts in south Texas on over 50,000 private acres.

Our operation has over 50 years of combined experience in south Texas hunting, cattle and horses. We were raised here in the brush. It's in our blood. We offer high quality wildlife, excellent meals, clean comfortable lodging, experienced staff.

Get back to basics. Get back to pure, free range, fair chase hunting and wild bird wingshooting at affordable prices.  We offer knowledge, experience and results.

We believe there are 5 factors in a good quality south Texas hunting experience.

  • Quality, abundant trophy class wildlife
  • Good people
  • Nice, comfortable and clean accommodations
  • Good food and drink
  • Knowledgeable guides who love the outdoors

Over the last 25 years some of our staff has had access to over 500,000 Texas acres consisting of different ranches with all scopes of landscapes, ecology, wildlife, landowner and operator personalities. If you are looking for a high quality experience in hunting at affordable prices, look no further than Riata Hunting Ranches.

2) International hunting & hunting for the North America 28 big game species & wingshooting

Dall Sheep, Marty Miller argentina-stag.jpg african-wildebeest.jpg

North America is a game rich continant. Riata serves as a booking and consulting agency for North America and International hunting destinations throughout North America. We feature the top 10% of all hunting destinations by carefull, thorough research, our proven track record,  and positive results with our clients. We have rock solid relationships with our outfitters who we believe to be among the finest in North America. Our outfitters strive to take very good care of our clients.It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

We consult you on the best destinations based on YOUR GOALS! We discuss your strategy, trophy goals, travel, physical limitations, lodging requirements, dietary needs, and guide capabilities.

Although we are competitively priced in the market, we do not sell our hunts based on price alone. We sell them on quality of experience. We offer destinations with trophy quality wildlife, good food, lodging and staff. Two things that set Riata apart from it's competition: you talk - we listen!

We have either booked, consulted with or personally hunted the majority of top 10% outfitter destinations in the U.S. and abroad, including: North America, South and Central America, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, Scotland, and Australia.

We feature hunting for all 28 Noth America big game species & wingshooting, and international hunting destinations:

  • Whitetail: Texas, Canada, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois
  • Deer: Columbia Blacktail, Sitka Blacktail, Couses Deer
  • Mule Deer: Rocky Mountain and Desert
  • Rocky Mountain Elk
  • Black Bear, Grizzly, Brown Bear and Polar Bear (non-importable to the U.S. and Mexico)
  • Moose: Alaskan Yukon, Western Canadian Moose, Eastern Canadian and Shiras Moose
  • Pronghorn Antelope
  • Mountain Goat
  • Bison/Muskox
  • Cougar, Mountain Lion and Puma
  • Caribou: Alaskan Barren Ground, Central Canadian Barren Ground, Mountain, Woodland, and Quebec Labrador Caribou
  • Sheep: Rocky Mountain Bighorn, Desert Bighorn, Dall and Stone Sheep
  • Argentina Red Stag, including other species and wingshooting
  • New Zealand Red Stag, Chamois, Tahr and other species
  • Australia Buffalo, Banteng, Rusa, and other species
  • Africa Plains Game and Dangerous Game
  • Asiatic Sheep species
  • Scotland Red Deer

3) Consulting agency to recreational ranch buyers, and the oil, gas & wind energy sector

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Land, Ranch & Wildlife Consulting

Do you own a ranch?  Interested in maximizing your income on the ranch without depredating the quality of wildlife? We have operated one of the largest commercial hunting programs in the U.S. The operation was the 4th largest hunting company in America.

Services include:  Securing hunting leases, Securing guides and cooks, Operations of running hunts, Safety Securing and Maintaining good client relationships, Aging and Scoring deer on the hoof, Photos, Taxidermy and Processing preps, and Herd Management - Supplemental feeding, culling, and game counts

From leasing to seasonal hunters or corporations to running a guided hunting operation let us teach you what we have learned. We will assess what you are currently doing,  and where you need to go. We charge hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly consulting fees to access our knowledge and expertise. Call us today to consult. 

Oil, Gas & Wind Energy Consulting

If your energy company is pursuing mineral leases in the Eagle-Ford shale or other areas of Texas let us consult with you on our landowner contacts, knowledge, records and areas of interest. We introduce you to our landowner contacts  and help you secure a mineral lease agreement that compliments both parties. Or, if you are a landowner and are considering pursuing a mineral lease on your ranch, we have the knowledge, expertise, resources, and contacts to help you explore the energy on your property. We have access to some of the best mineral attorneys, advisors and energy companies in the business. We charge hourly, daily, weekly or monthly consulting fees for our knowledge and experience.

4) Texas Ranch Real Estate


"Own the Lifestyle. Live the Dream."

Dreamed of owning a Texas ranch? We are lifelong hunters and our employees have had the pleasure of owning Texas ranches. We can help you assess your ranches wildlife resources and potential. We know Agricultural lenders, real estate lawyers, ranch brokers and a host of resources to introduce you to. Thinking of selling your ranch? We have a host of recreational buyers who love hunting and may have an interest in owning a Texas ranch. We can put the buyer and seller together and open up the discussions. Call us today at 512.261.2400 or email mike@riatahuntfish.com for a consultation. We charge hourly, daily, weekly or monthly consulting fees to help both buyers and sellers.

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