About Riata Wordwide Hunting & Fishing

Based in Texas, we offer the best in Texas hunting and abroad.  We operate our own Texas outfitting service, and more importantly serve as a booking agent for the best Texas ranches,  outfitters in the lower 48,  and international hunting trips including  big game & wing shooting.

We offer ranch and wildlife consulting services to Texas landowners who want to maximize their ranch income while increasing the quality of their wildlife.

We offer oil, gas and wind energy consulting to energy companies and Texas landowners. We represent the landowner or the energy company depending on who retains our services.

We offer consulting on Texas ranch real estate. We consult to sportsman interested in investing in Texas ranchland and help introduce selling landowners to buying sportsman, depending on who retains our services.

We sponsor an online guide school for aspiring hunting guides and sportsman. It can be found at www.guideschoolwhitetails.com.

Test your skills as a hunter. Have your son or daughter take the course. It will help them become better hunters. It’s inexpensive and takes only a couple of hours.

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