Land, Ranch & Wildlife Consulting

Do you own a ranch?  Interested in maximizing your income on the ranch without depredating the quality of wildlife? We have operated one of the largest commercial hunting programs in the U.S. The operation was the 4th largest hunting company in America.

Services include:  Securing hunting leases, Securing guides and cooks, Operations of running hunts, Safety Securing and Maintaining good client relationships, Aging and Scoring deer on the hoof, Photos, Taxidermy and Processing preps, and Herd Management - Supplemental feeding, culling, and game counts

From leasing to seasonal hunters or corporations to running a guided hunting operation let us teach you what we have learned. We will assess what you are currently doing,  and where you need to go. We charge hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly consulting fees to access our knowledge and expertise. Call us today for a free initial consultation at 512.261.2400 or email us at

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