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Dall Sheep, Marty Miller Matt Ward: Northwest Territories Bull Moose Sept. 2014

North America is a game rich continant. Riata serves as a booking and consulting agency for North America and International hunting destinations throughout North America. We feature the top 10% of all hunting destinations by carefull, thorough research, our proven track record,  and positive results with our clients. We have rock solid relationships with our outfitters who we believe to be among the finest in North America. Our outfitters strive to take very good care of our clients.It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

We consult you on the best destinations based on YOUR GOALS! We discuss your strategy, trophy goals, travel, physical limitations, lodging requirements, dietary needs, and guide capabilities.

413 Boone & Crockett killed 9-13-14

Although we are competitively priced in the market, we do not sell our hunts based on price alone. We sell them on quality of experience. We offer destinations with trophy quality wildlife, good food, lodging and staff. Two things that set Riata apart from it's competition: you talk - we listen!

We have either booked, consulted with or personally hunted the majority of top 10% outfitter destinations in the U.S. and abroad, including: North America, South and Central America, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, Scotland, and Australia.

Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear Taken by Robert Epps with Riata Hunting May 2012

We feature hunting for all 28 Noth America big game species & wingshooting, and international hunting destinations:

  • Doug Howerton Utah Cougar: Dec 14, 2012Whitetail: Texas, Canada, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois
  • Deer: Columbia Blacktail, Sitka Blacktail, Couses Deer
  • Mule Deer: Rocky Mountain and Desert
  • Rocky Mountain Elk
  • Black Bear, Grizzly, Brown Bear and Polar Bear (non-importable to the U.S. and Mexico)
  • Moose: Alaskan Yukon, Western Canadian Moose, Eastern Canadian and Shiras Moose
  • Pronghorn Antelope
  • Mountain Goat
  • Bison/Muskox
  • Cougar, Mountain Lion and Puma
  • Caribou: Alaskan Barren Ground, Central Canadian Barren Ground, Mountain, Woodland, and Quebec Labrador Caribou
  • Sheep: Rocky Mountain Bighorn, Desert Bighorn, Dall and Stone Sheep
  • Argentina Red Stag, including other species and wingshooting
  • New Zealand Red Stag, Chamois, Tahr and other species
  • Australia Buffalo, Banteng, Rusa, and other species
  • Africa Plains Game and Dangerous Game
  • Asiatic Sheep species
  • Scotland Red Deer

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