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Riata Hunting Ranches, LLC. is dedicated to providing our clients the most complete, accurate, and up to date hunting information on trophy areas and operators.

We have either booked, consulted with, or personally hunted a large percentage of the top 10% outfitter destinations in the U.S. and abroad including: North America, South and Central America, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Africa, and Australia.

Our portfolio of hunting destinations includes many of the top 10% of outfitters abroad featuring: Mule Deer, Antelope, Bear, Cougar, Wing shooting, Elk, Moose, Caribou, Sheep, and Goat, Whitetails, Couses Deer, Turkey, African Dangerous and Plains game.

Our monthly online Hunting Report includes client successes, specials, updates, cancellation hunts, and promotions. We will have a limited number of joint marketing television opportunities each year that can include our member’s participation. These will be hunting shows where our clients are the featured hunters.

We do not sell our hunts based on price. We sell them on quality of experience. We offer hunts with ranches and outfitters that have trophy quality wildlife, excellent food, lodging and staff at reasonable market based prices.  Each month we may have a very limited number of client cancellations, landowner partner and outfitter specials, and agreements we make with ranches and outfitters that are far below market pricing due to different circumstances.  Some ranches or outfitters may have a great product, but are opening up their hunting for the first time to the public and are offering excellent pricing. Others may have acquired more territory or units.

Three things that set Riata apart from it's competition: 

  1. We listen to our client’s needs, wants and dreams. You talk- we listen.
  2. We put you in exactly the right hunt based on your time, budget, and desired quality of wildlife.
  3. Our knowledge, plain and simple. With over 100 years combined experience in the brush country of Texas and hunting throughout the U.S. and Internationally, we offer you everything we have learned about the wildlife, destinations, lodges, outfitters, and client successes and failures along the way.

Big game hunting




Iceland and Greenland

Brown bear



Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, South Africa

Plains Game
Africa dangerous game

New Zealand

 Stag, Chamois, Tahr and other species


Cordoba and Sante, Chaco

Red Stag, Brockett Deer, Water Buffalo, Puma, Peccary, and other species

Wingshooting for Doves, pidgeons, perdiz, grouse, and ducks 


Buffalo, Rusa Deer and Wild Boar


Argentina Dove Hunting


Australia Big Game Fishing

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The experience that Mike offers his clients just cannot be equalled. He is sone of the most experienced consultants in the industry that I know, which is precisely why I have hunted with him and take a very nice African Lion and plains game, and a huge Whitetail over 200 inches in 2010. Because of his first-hand hunting knowledge and experience, he is able to inform a prospective client just how it actually is. If a hunter wants to ensure their dollars are well spent on the hunt of their dreams, they should book with Riata Hunting.

Max Taylor
Client, Riata Hunting, Georgia