New Zealand Hunting: Red Stag, Chamois & Tahr


For the serious trophy hunter, corporate outing or hunting family 

About the outfitter: The company started in 1992 almost 20 years ago. The owner of the ranch is the operator. It is a huge block of land and incredible Red Stag, Chamois and Tahr habitat. It is a World Class hunting destination for Europeans, Asians, South Americans and U.S. citizens.

The owner and operator has been a hunter and a professional guide most of his adult life. He's seriously passionate about wild game, the great outdoors, and his commitment to remain the South Pacific's leading big game outfitter.

The lodge has become the major-league outfitter of World Record Red Stag heads in the South Pacific as well as all other New Zealand species.

This lodge retains an enviable reputation for maintaining the highest possible standards in professionally organizing and implementing New Zealand Trophy Hunts. Their two exclusive high country properties and private hunting lodges in the central North Island as well as free range concession for Chamois and Tahr in the Southern Alps....guarantees you an unparalleled hunting experience. They retain the country's most dedicated and experienced hunting guides. Not only do they possess a thorough knowledge of the terrain and wildlife, they are great companions, have excellent attitudes and are superb judges of trophy heads.

The Lodge

Available Packages

Please call for pricing.

All packages include trophy fees, accommodation at our exclusive hunting lodge, daily guide rates, meals, beverages, airport transfers, hunt transportation and field preparation of trophies.

Red Stag Package

4 nights accommodation, Red Stag
Most popular stag package!

5 Species North Island Package

Includes 6 Nights accommodation, 
Red Stag (up to SCI 350), Sika (up to SCI 140), Fallow (Representative), Ram, Goat

Red Stag, Chamois and Tahr Packages

Includes 7 nights accommodation, Red stag, tahr, chamois.
ALL HELICOPTER TIME is included in the Tahr and Chamois pricing because we own and operate our own helicopters and aircraft.  There will be no additional charges added to the prices listed below.

Free Range Foot Hunts for Tahr & Chamois

Includes Heli fly-in to two camps, and spike camp for up to 7 days.
Hunt finishes day after trophies taken.

South Pacific 8 Package:

Includes 10 nights accommodation,
Red Stag (SCI 350 - 370), Tahr, Chamois, Sika (up to SCI 140), Rusa, Fallow, Ram, Goat.
Non-hunter stays complimentary
SCI listing fee, plaque and pin, Alpine Hunting Soft Cell Jacket
NOTE: Hunts throughout May - July

Season Dates

Red Stag







Mid February - End July

Mid February - End July

Mid February - End July

March - September

March - September

Mid May - October

Mid May - October

nz2.jpg Getting there: From the United States, New Zealand is an overnight flight from the West Coast (approx 12 hours flight time). Both Air New Zealand and Qantas fly directly from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Auckland International Airport (North Island) - your travel agent can book your tickets for you. 

Los Angeles is 19 hours behind New Zealand time. Please remember when you fly to NZ you lose one day, so when booking flights make sure you allow two days to get here!

From Auckland you will need to catch a short connector flight to Palmerston North Airport where you will be met by our one of our Alpine Hunting team. You will be transfered to our lodge in a scenic two and a half hour drive "up country" with plenty of photo opportunities along the way!

When traveling from the Northen Hemisphere, we recommend an overnight stay in Auckland or Palmerston North to shake off the jet lag.

Trophy Preparation For Export: AP arranges the preparation, expediting and shipping of your trophies through their professional taxidermist and shipping agent. It takes approx. 90 days to get your trophies back to the US, indicative pricing available upon enquiry.

Trophy Quality: All big game trophies are guaranteed to make the Record Book. When Red Stag, Wapiti and Sika hunting,the hunter is NOT responsible for extra trophy fees if the animals is bigger than adjudged by the guide.

Deposit Policy: An immediate deposit of 25% is required to confirm dates. A further 25% is due by October 1 on the year before your hunt. Your deposit can be sent by check to: 

Riata Hunting Ranches, LLC | PMB 341746 | Lakeway, Texas 78734

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your hunt before November 1 on the year before you hunt, your deposit will be 100% credited toward a future hunt of the same contracted value. If you cancel after November 1 an immediate 50% loss of deposit will occur. The remaining 50% may be credited toward the same contracted hunt the following year in dates allocated by the outfitter. Cancellation within 90 days of The Hunt will incur a total loss of deposit. The outfitter highly recommends hunt insurance in case of cancellation. 

Hunt Guarantee: The outfiter is so confident of his team and the full operation that he is proud to offer a 'hunt satisfaction' guarantee. Outfitters booking, pricing and cancellation policies are fully transparent and if you do not harvest the desired game you came after outfitter will refund you the trophy fee.  

Suggested Clothing List:

  • 1 pair sturdy walking boots, preferably with heels
  • 1 warm windproof jacket
  • 1 shower proof jacket
  • 1 sweater
  • 2 hunting shirts
  • 2 pair hunting pants
  • 1 hat
  • 1 pair gloves
  • 3 pair hunting socks
  • Swimmers for hot tub
  • May/June/July please also include thermal underwear
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Casual clothes for evenings in lodge
  • Sunglasses
  • Hairdryers and curling irons are provided (for the ladies of course!)
  • Face paint if you are a bow-hunter
  • Video camera if you wish to have hunt footage (guides are willing to film on your camera, however guides own videos will not be copied and provided to hunters)

Please remember that excess baggage can be expensive and is difficult to travel with so don't over pack! The internal allowance within New Zealand if you are traveling around after your hunt is just 44lbs and our airlines are strict with excess baggage charges. We have a full laundry service available daily at our lodge, so you will not need different clothes for every day.


Boys Toys/Equipment

Polaris Rangers: To access the hunting area, the team uses a range of quad bikes and a fleet of 5 Polaris Rangers. Our property is very well tracked and our expert guides can get you very close to the game if physical requirements dictate.

nz_equip2.jpgAircraft - Fixed Wing: Alpine Hunting owns a Cessna 206 to use exclusively for our guests. We use the Cessna to fly our hunters between our Deer hunting on the North Island and our Tahr and Chamois hunts on the South Island so there’s no messing around with commercial schedules and time wasted in airports.

Our Cessna is also used for airport transfers to our lodge, and is also available to our guests for private charter. Our full time pilot is Neil Perrie.

Aircraft - Helicopters: 
Our MD520N helicopter is based at Franz Josef for our Tahr and Chamois hunts and our full time pilot, Brian McBride is always on hand and ready to fly at the drop of a hat! Because we own the helicopter and it is based right at our southern base lodge, there’s never any waiting around for a charter aircraft to arrive or any limits on flying time for your hunt - we keep going until you get your trophies with no additional charges. 


Our helicopter is used exclusively for our guests throughout the hunting season.

Shane's "toy" at our main lodge is a Hughes 300, and when he’s in camp he likes to collect our hunters trophies from the field with it... have you ever seen a flying stag?

Rifles: Many of our hunters prefer to rent firearms rather than travel with them. We offer a selection of rifles from .270, plus a range of 30 caliber firearms all with excellent quality optics. The total charge for rental includes ammunition. Your guide will carry a spotting scope, however you will need binoculars. Check out our firearms page for more information.

What about Firearm permits? Firearm permits are available upon arrival at Auckland International Airport. Further details of firearms permits and permitted firearms are available on the New Zealand police website.

Firearms: It is not difficult to bring conventional sporting rifles into New Zealand. A firearms license and import permit are available at the point of entry into the country. Documentation can be obtained from us prior to your hunt regarding the importation of your firearms into New Zealand.

There is no paperwork required for bringing a bow into New Zealand, but it is advisable to carry your last hunting license.

Please note that if you are bringing your own firearm, you will need your US gun permit and NZ$25 in cash when you arrive at the airport. You must declare your firearm when you arrive and proceed to the police desk in the arrival hall. The police do not accept US currency or credit cards so you are advised to get the NZ$25 from your departure airport.

F. A. Q.'s

Do you offer a hunt guarantee?

What insurance  do I need?
We recommend that you purchase hunt insurance in case you need to cancel your trip to New Zealand for any reason, and to obtain the usual travel insurance benefits. SCI provides hunt insurance.

What caliber firearm do I need for hunting in New Zealand?
Any of the .30 calibres or .270 up. Handguns are not permitted in New Zealand.

What about Firearm permits?
Firearm permits are available upon arrival at Auckland International Airport at a cost of NZ$25. Further details of firearms permits and permitted firearms are available on the New Zealand police website.

Do I need a passport and visa?
American citizens do require a passport to travel to New Zealand, however an entry visa is not required. If you intend traveling on to Australia a visa is required. If you are planning to stopover in the Pacific it is prudent to check with the embassy/consulate for the countries you intend to visit.

What clothing should I bring?
You need to remember that New Zealand's seasons are opposite to those in the northern hemisphere. Check out our clothing link for a general guide on what to bring.

What if I am unsure of the right clothes for New Zealand conditions?
That's easy - we sell top quality New Zealand made hunt clothing at our lodge in all sizes.

Do I require any vaccinations to travel to New Zealand?
No vaccinations are required.

How long does it take to get my trophies home?
It takes approximately 90 days for your trophies to arrive at your nearest designated Fish and Wildlife port in the US. When you hunt with us, you'll need to bring your taxidermist information with you so we can process your paperwork for export of your trophies after your hunt. Click here to download information about transporting Trophies and freight costs to the U.S.

Should I get my trophies mounted in New Zealand or in the United States?
It is most cost-efficient to have your trophies mounted in the US, however we are happy to arrange for mounting of your trophies in New Zealand by our taxidermist. We also have several taxidermists based in the US who are very experienced with New Zealand species. Recommendations are available by request.

How much will it cost for expediting of my trophies?
Alpine Hunting staff will arrange your expediting paperwork in camp. Please call for the cost per shoulder mount, as well as the cost for Crating, Handling and Export Certificate. Shipping charges are additional and in accordance with airline freight and fuel charges at the time your trophy is freighted. Click here to download information about transporting Trophies and freight costs to the U.S.

Are there any snakes in New Zealand?
No snakes, predators or other poisonous creatures.

Do I have to pay any license fees?
No - Our packages are all inclusive and New Zealand does not operate on a licensing or tag system. Our hunting regulations are more relaxed than in the US.

Are you fenced?
Only to the New Zealand standard as required by our legislation. Our fences are no higher than 6ft and only around our perimeter - that's 20 miles of external fence.

Is your hunting block portioned in any way?
No, all our 9 species run together and can be seen anywhere, on any hunt.

Do I need to bring my own rifle?
Not unless you really like it! Quality firearms with quality optics are available to rent including ammo.

What method do you use for bow hunting?
90% blinds, with some spot and stalk.

Can I take my meat home?
It's very difficult to take your meat back to the US, instead we make sure our chef prepares as much venison as you like to eat while you're staying with us.

Can my non-hunter share my hunt?
Of course! We are well equipped with Polaris rangers for transportation and our guides are more than happy to include your non-hunting companion in your hunt.

Is there anything for my non-hunter to do?
Yes - shopping, touring and sightseeing.

What if I want to stay in New Zealand for a vacation after my hunt?
The Lodge offers personalized touring options in both the North and South Islands to show you the best of what New Zealand has to offer! You can contact us directly to discuss options.

How do I know if I'll enjoy the atmosphere at Alpine Hunting?
The Lodge emphasizes comfort and a relaxed friendly environment. All our team and guests eat together every meal to swap stories and laughs over some great Kiwi cuisine and local wines or a beer.

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World Records

More World Record trophy heads have been taken with this outfitter than any other in New Zealand!

Bob Hixton

World Record Red Stag SCI 589

Dan Peyerk

World Record Muzzle Loader Red Stag SCI 503

Steve Chancellor

World Record Red Stag SCI 523

Steve Chancellor

World Record Red Stag SCI 544

Greg Williamson

World Record Bow Red Stag SCI 450+

Chip Wagner

World Record Bow Red Stag SCI 485

Jim Stavola

World Record Muzzleloader Red Stag SCI 406