Alberta Black Bear Hunts

Spring and Fall

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2x1 guided | 150%+ past success
2nd bear additional trophy fee – wolf and coyote tags included- 6 day hunt
Non-hunting guests are at an extra cost per night and include meals and lodging

Spring Hunt: May 20-25, 2014 (arrive 19 and depart 26)
Fall Hunt: September 8-13, 2013 (arrive 7 and depart 14)

There are 2 types of hunting methods available to the client: spot and stalk hunting or stand hunting over baited stands. Client’s choice.

"Black" is not the best description of these  bears as they occur in a vast array of colors such as blonde, brown, red, cinnamon and everything in between. As well, outfitter can arrange for several options regarding hunting techniques, areas, and times of year.

Choices include spring or fall hunts over great pre-baited stands accessible from a comfortable lodge. Both hunts offer super opportunities for both rifle and bow hunters.

Spot and stalk hunting: Our recommended outfitter has secured all the non-resident allocations in an exclusive western area of Alberta. Combine this area’s fine spring weather and abundant big bears make it an exciting and productive ‘spot & stalk’ hunt, available from the main lodge or in a remote cabin/tent camp.
All of these bear hunts occur in designated two bear areas, so the high success opportunity exists to take home 2 bears in an array of colors and an experience to last a lifetime.

The Bear Facts!

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When you book, you can be sure the guides will be knowledgeable and friendly, the areas you hunt will have the game you desire and the outdoor experience will be all you expect it to be. The lodging and food is great. Hunt is operated by people who care about the success of your hunt and the quality of your adventure. Join us in Alberta for your next big game hunt.

Limits: 2 bears can be taken. Black Bears are very prolific in Alberta. As the result, both spring and Fall hunts are available with a two bear limit.

Color: A high percentage of the bears in this area are a color phase

other than black. Past clients have averaged 150%+  success

ratio, with 25% of those bears being an off color such as

Blonde, Red, Cinnamon or Brown.

Trophies: In addition to the color phase attraction, the bears can attain Pope and Young or Boone and Crockett size. In the past, bears harvested have averaged 5 ½  - 6 ½  feet with an occasional 7 footer in both spring and fall pelts making attractive trophies. 

Hunt style: The hunting areas are remote with large tracts of unbroken wilderness. We hunt over 3000 square miles as the only licensed outfitter in that area for non-resident hunting. Hunting methods include spot and stalk and baiting

Spot and stalk is a spring (May) bear hunt where hunting is conducted through the day in a non-baiting area (Grizzlies are present). Bears will present opportunities on seismic cutline’s, pipelines, logging clearings and oilfield roads which are the only access to these forest areas and are the first locations to "green up" in the spring. 

Bait hunts are conducted in either spring (May) or fall (September). Each evening hunters will be placed by their guides at an active bait. All stands are situated to accommodate both Rifle or Archery hunters. All baits are layed out several weeks in advance of the hunters’ arrival. Baiting is a very high success method to hunt here.

Spot & Stalk hunting camps: Bear camps are located in the forest and fringe territory of West Central Alberta. Each camp includes excellent home cooked meals, comfortable lodging and all modern conveniences with hunting grounds right out the back door. The area has produced trophy quality bears for previous clients and will continue to do so in the future.

General Information:


  • Ground transportation is supplied from the designated airport to the hunting site.
  • Hotel accommodations before and after the hunt are the hunters responsibility.
  • Government license fees and tags are hunters responsibility. To save time and avoid delays in your hunt, tags will be pre-purchased prior to your arrival.
  • Guides will provide expert trophy preparations and help arrange any required government export permits. Any export and shipping fees will be the hunters responsibility.
  • To assist in return shipping of trophies: all capes, antlers and/or meat will be crated and packaged for your convenience at the hunters expense. Also arrangements can be made to have trophies delivered to a reputable local taxidermist at no cost.
  • Pre-baited stand sites provided for bait hunting


Hunt includes:  6 day hunt, meals, lodging, 2X1 guided, baited stands, game care

Not Included: 6% Canadian sales tax on actual hunt price, licenses and 2 bear tags

Your Guides: Each are licensed, professional guides and have been chosen because of their unique knowledge and skills, as well as a strong hunting desire. Their hard work ethic, perseverance and adaptability is an integral part of our success. We place you in the field with the best people in the business and trust that their enthusiasm is contagious on each of your Alberta hunting adventures. We all live, work, hunt and fish within our guide territory so are constantly scouting and gaining knowledge of the area and its many huntable species. We believe we have the best ‘back yard’ in the world and are eager to share it with you! 

Lodging: Clients stay right in the outfitters main home headquarters in a 3 story home that sleeps 6 guests, with 2 beds upstairs, 2 beds downstairs, and 2 beds on the main floor. A cook is provided along with all the food.  

The hunting area: West central Alberta 25 miles east of Edson in Carrot Creek, Alberta. WMU 338 - 2 hours west of Edmonton Airport

Booking Information:


  • All hunts are limited and will be booked on first come, first serve basis.
  • Bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of your deposit - final payment due 60 days prior to hunt date.
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • All transactions are in U.S. funds.
  • Contracts will be sent at time of booking.


Non resident hunting license and 2 black bear tags at additional cost.
WOLF/COYOTE are available during your hunt at no cost.

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