New Mexico & Colorado Elk and Mule Deer Hunting – 4 Private Ranches


The Ranches

Welcome to the Q and RBO and CO Ranches in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, one of the finest hunting destinations in the West. The ranches sit astride the historic migration route of the entire Southern Colorado-San Juan elk herd, and Jicarilla Indian Reservation herds and Chama Land making this perhaps some of the most extraordinary elk and mule deer habitat in the Southwest.

We have been a part of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico's legendary San Juan Mountains for nearly a century. These combined 115,000+ - acre properties lie south of Rancho del Oso Pardo and sits adjacent to the renowned state-owned Edward Sargent Wildlife Area. This is a rich alpine wilderness at the intersection of multiple ecosystems. One-third forest, one-third scrub oak and one-third meadow, here is a land of great promise, diversity and beauty. The ranches adjoin the world famous Jicarilla Indian Reservation, Chama Land,  and the southern Colorado border.

The ranches are now available to hunters who appreciate the heritage, resources, and unmatched beauty of this grand and historic land. Offering world class big game hunting as well as many surrounding attractions, historic culture and shopping opportunities available nowhere else, the ranches offer the rare opportunity for Sportsmen from around the world to enjoy hunting at its fullest. We hunt at 7000-10,000 feet, however, its very hunter friendly terrain with valleys and clear cut meadows and good driving roads. We have men in their 70s who hunt with us.



Our on-ranch facilities include 3 lodges. The newly renovated Garcia Lodge featuring 4 star accommodations with11 spacious bedrooms and baths,  and the 7 bedroom/bath RBO Lodge providing all the comfort and convenience you would expect from a classic Western ranch. Spacious, clean, with amazing vistas. Garcia Lodgefeatures large living rooms, leather couches and recliners, satellite TV and internet, hot tub Jacuzzi, and telephone services. Rated 3-4 star. Lodges are dependent on ranch and hunt dates selected.

In addition, luxurious lodging is also available for an additional charge, and subject to availability, at the nearby L.A.C Ranch & Cattle Company, a 25,000 square foot, 5 star resort facility on the Jicarilla Indian Reservation. Located just a ten-minute drive from our front gate and offering 21 opulent rooms and suites, world class cuisine, and spectacular views of the San Juan Mountains and the Chama Valley.

Availability is strictly limited, so be sure to contact us now for dates and rates.


 The Ranches are located just two hours north of Santa Fe in the legendary San Juan Mountains of northern New Mexico, just west of Chama on Highway 64.

Q Ranch - Garza Lodge 

NM Mule Deer, Elk, and Combo hunts: 2x1 guided




RIFLE BEAR HUNT: $3500 trophy fee while hunting elk or mule deer. Once elk or mule deer tags are filled, additional $1000 a day to continue hunting bear.

SPRING CAST & BLAST: $3500 Spring turkey & trout fishing (browns, bows & cuts). Three days and four nights of fins, feathers, and fun.

Merriams Turkey: $2500

Free range Elk hunt rates & dates

Licenses are $634 and small game licenses are required by NM state law and are $65
6.5% NM state sales tax applies to the cost of the actual hunt rate

ARCHERY ELK -  free range September
Sep 1 - 5: $8500 Pre-rut         
Sep 10 - 14: $8500 Premium rut
Sep 18 - 22: $10,000 Premium peak of the rut

RIFLE ELK -  free range
Oct 1 - 5: $11,000 Premium peak of the rut
Oct 8 - 12: $11,000 Rut
Oct 17 - 21: $10,500
Oct 24 - 28: $10,500
Oct 31 - Nov 4: $10,500         
Nov 7 - 11: $10,500
Nov 14 - 18: $10,500
Nov 21 - 25: $10,500
Nov 28 - Dec 2: $10,500
Dec 5 - 9: $10,500
Dec 12 - 16: $10,500
Dec 19 - 23: $10,500 

October hunts range 30-70 degrees

Sept 5 - 9: $9500
Sept 12 - 16: $9500
Sept 18 - 22: $9500

Sept 27 - Oct 3: $9500

Oct 24 - 28: $10,000
Oct 31 - Nov 4: $10,000


WILD ELK & MULE DEER COMBO: $16,995 General Ranch

Game fenced preserve Elk Hunt: Cost of Licenses and permits apply

RIM ROCK CLASS A GAME PARK  high fenced ELK: $7995 deposit to hunt Rim Rock Park. The deposit will go toward the full price below. Call for dates available September 1 - December 15.

SCI Trophy Score
300 - 324 $10,000
325 - 349 $12,500
350 - 374 $15,000
375 - 399 $20,000
400 - 425 $25,000
425 - 450 $30,000
450 - 499 $50,000 

Merriams Spring turkey & trout fishing (browns, bows & cuts). Three days and four nights of fins, feathers, and fun.


Bear hunts on trophy fee only - great deal! License is $255. If an elk or mule deer hunter kills out early and wants to bear hunt, the rate is $995 a day up to $3500 max for harvesting or not harvesting a bear.

The ranch is loaded with bear and they average 350-500 pounds. 75% are color phase bears (brown, cinnamon,  tan, blonde hides). The most you will pay for taking a bear is $2995. 1st week of September-Oct 10 is the fall season.

A 6.5% New Mexico sales tax applies and $65 small game license fee.

Hunt includes meals, lodging, 2X1 guide, game care. Tag is $325-$575 depending on the hunt chosen. Mule Deer average 165-210+BC gross with the best in the 09 season scoring 226BC. The 2010 season produced 100% success on Mule Deer bucks including a 194BC. The lowest scoring buck in 2010 was 178BC. All licenses, tags, and rates are subject to change without notice.

Any 2x1 guided hunts can be changed to 1x1 for an additional $1500.

RBO Ranches

Bull Elk 2x1 guided  

Archery Elk: $5950 |
 Rifle Elk: $7500

Colorado: 90,000 acre ranch hunts

The 2012 season produced a 320 and 340 class bulls 6x6s and 165-195BC class Mule Deer.

Archery Elk unit 78 - archery $8000
Sept 4-8, 11-15, 18-22

Rifle Elk - $8500 unit 78
Licenses $565
Oct 12-16 is a draw and Oct 19-23 are landowner vouchers


The ranches boast 100% success in 2009, 2010 and 99% in 2011 and 100% in 2012 seasons on rifle Elk . 6X6 bulls are the average around 275BC-310BC and 165- 210BC bucks. Some bulls have exceeded 330BC in the past and some Mule Deer over 200 class.

Archery Elk hunts: Our archery Elk hunts are right in the middle of the rut and are guided and involve calling bugling bulls in the pre-rut and rut. This hunt is exciting and offers high success.  The 4 ranches we hunt out of Chama total over  91,000 private acres. We have a large resident Elk herd on the ranch and we are right smack dab in the middle of the annual migration of the San Juan herd as well which brings thousands of Elk through the ranches as well. Some weeks our hunters can see over 100 elk in a day, and as many as over 1000 in a week!

Deposit: Hunts require a 35% deposit to secure your date. Most licenses are a guaranteed landowner tag and are $575. * subject to change without notice.

Rifle and Muzzleloader hunting: This hunt is conducted over the resident herd on the ranch, as well as the migrating herd that comes through each season. You can expect to see up to 100+ Elk per day and upwards of 1000 head in a week.. 

Details of the hunt: All hunts are 6 nights/ 5 full days hunting and include meals, lodging on the ranch, 2X1 guided and game care.

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- rifle .30-06 or larger (sighted 2” high at 100 yards)

- ammunition (40 rounds)

- 3 pair comfortable pants (camouflage)

- 3-4 cotton shirts

- underwear

- long johns

- vest

- 1 medium weight jacket

- 1 set camo rain gear pants & jacket

- 1 pair insulated hunting boots

- 1 pair waterproof hiking boots

- wool socks - several pair

- visor cap or hat

- 1 pair of knee high gaiters

- binoculars

- day pack or fanny pack

- flashlight

- special medication (if needed)

- sunglasses

- camera and film

- gloves of good quality

- sleeping bag and pillow

- towels and wash cloth


Check out our Guest Comments & Reviews of the ranch and lodge:

"The accommodations were outstanding! ...Other elk camps do not compare to this place!"

"Great cook! He went above and beyond to make everyone happy."

"Great, very comfortable, and the front porch is one of the best places to relax on." 

"The food was excellent, always enough and a great variety."

"Charlie performed more miracles from the kitchen!" 

"Everything was over the top. They did anything and then some to make us comfortable."