Northwestern British Columbia Mountain Caribou/Moose
Horseback Hunt

Success has been over 90% on the Moose/Caribou Combo.
Caribou have scored up to 404BC and 392BC respectfully 

BC Caribou

Mountain caribou are hunted in 4500-6500 feet range on the Kwady "plateau" and Tuya Mountains Provincial park. Our outfit was "grandfathered in" when the area became national parkland, thus, we can hunt the parkland. Caribou average over 365BC, with multiple caribou taken each year up to 390+BC, and in some years 400+BC. Our area is in the extreme northwest corner of British Columbia right up against the Yukon border. The value proposition to you- virtually no bugs like Alaska and you hunt Yukon quality Caribou and Moose at Canadian Moose & Caribou prices, and enter your trophies into the Canadian species Boone & Crockett record books! These animals rank high in the record books. It is not uncommon to see 100s of Caribou per day up on the plateau. The Kwady Plateu has many animals entered in the Boone & Crockett record books.

Our outfitter takes 6-8 caribou hunters each season. That’s it. He has been 100% success and in the 2010 season 4 caribou out of 6 qualified for net Boone & Crockett Record Books.

Caribou Hunts

10 Day 1x1 guided: $10,950 Caribou only
10 Day 2x1 guided: Caribou only (call for rates)
(Success rate has been the same)

Non hunting guests: $300 per day, per person

Combo Horseback hunts for Moose/Caribou 1x1 guided: $19,500
This is the best value. Combo hunts have been 100% success.

Trophy fees on additional species:
Moose: $8000 (54"-58" average with multiple bulls each season over 60")
Wolf: Call for rates.

Charter flight: $1500 per person
Non Resident Hunting Preservation Fund Fee: $250
Licenses: $480 (includes caribou and wolf licenses). Add $250 for a Moose license.
Canada/B.C. Harmonized sales tax: 6% on hunt base and trophy fees and 12% on licenses and charter fees.
Current Government fees as of February 2011, but are subject to change. 

Getting there: Clients fly into Whitehorse, Yukon where you are met by the outfitter and transferred by float plane right into the camp.

About the outfitter and area

BC Caribou

Our area and operation is located in the heart of the Cassiar Mountains of northwestern British Columbia, just south of the Yukon border. It encompasses over 3,000 square miles and is comprised of countless numbers of lakes and streams, alpine plateaus, broad valleys and mountain peaks to 7,000 ft. Our operator is the only licensed operator there for non-resident hunters.

The area is well known for its Boone & Crockett class Canadian Moose, Mountain Caribou, Mountain Goat, Stone Sheep and Grizzly Bear. The territory is remote and all camps and hunting areas are accessible by floatplane only. Over a dozen cabin camps are located throughout the territory and the remainder of camps are serviced by wall tents with wood floors and stoves. Daily hunting is done on horseback, by boat or on foot, depending on the species hunted and the hunt chosen and time of year.

Our guides and wranglers all call western Canada "home" and you'll find them to be some of the most professional and experienced in the business. Our goal is to provide clients with the service, professionalism, and quality of hunt for which they have contracted and should expect to receive.

Our outfitter is a strong proponent of ethical hunting and adheres to all Fish & Wildlife laws and regulations set forth by the Province of British Columbia. Success has been 100% on the Moose/Caribou Combo. Caribou have scored up to 404BC and 392BC respectfully.

We have a fantastic population of trophy class Moose. This region of B.C. is well known for routinely producing record book Canadian Moose. Mature bulls with spreads of 54”-58”  are harvested within our area on a regular basis, with a handful exceeding the 60" mark taken each  season.

We offer classic horseback style Moose hunts in combination with Mountain Caribou, Goat and Grizzly which can also be added on a harvest fee basis. In addition to our horseback hunts we also offer a limited number of remote lake hunts for Moose during the rut, where we hunt out of boats.This is a less physical hunt.

Mountain caribou are hunted in 4500-6500 feet range on the “plateau” and average over 365BC, with multiple caribou taken each year up to 390+BC.

Our outfitter takes 6-8 caribou hunters each season. He has been 100% success and in the 2010 season 4 caribou qualified for Boone & Crockett

Rates: Moose

10 Day Moose Lake/River: 1x1 or 2x1 (call for rates)
10 Day Moose Horseback: 1x1 or 2x1 (call for rates)

8 day 1x1 guided Moose hunt on Lake/boat: (call for rates)
8 day 2x1 guided moose hunt on lake/boat: (call for rates)

10 day Grizzly Bear: (call for rates)

14 day Stone Sheep: (call for rates)

Combo Horseback hunts for Moose/Caribou 1x1 guided: (call for rates)
This is the best value. Combo hunts have been 100% success.

*There is an additional $1500 charter flight and $250 Non-resident Hunt Preservation Fee on all hunts.
The number of days shown on all hunts are actual hunting days *
* Wolf can be taken on any of our hunts @ no additional cost *
**An observer is welcome on all hunts at a rate of $250 per day.**

License & Tag Prices (U.S. Funds - Subject to change):

Non-Resident Hunting License
Mtn. Goat
Stone Sheep
Grizzly Bear
Black Bear
Small Game / Upland Birds
Fishing (8 days)
Fishing (annual)


If you choose not to do a combo hunt, but want the flexibility to harvest a 2nd species the following Trophy Fees for Additional Species apply (U.S. Funds – includes GST):

Mtn Goat
Grizzly Bear
Stone Sheep
Black Bear

Call for rates.

Getting there: Clients fly to Whitehorse, Yukon where they are met by the outfitter. There is a 1.15 hour drive and then a float plane trip to the camp.

Booking reservations: A reservation fee of 30% of the cost of the hunt is required. All checks and major credit cards are accepted via Riata. Balance may be split into two additional payments. Final balance due 60 days prior to hunt date.

*Note: Price may be inclusive of a $450-$550 (depending on hunt)  administration charge per person for licenses, permits, applications, reservations, scheduling , itinerary, mailing and documentation charges.

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BC Caribou

BC Caribou