Horseback Hunt, Brooks Range Alaska

Grizzly, Dall Sheep and Moose

Where We Hunt

Base Camp: Brooks Range
Deep in the heart of Alaska's Northern Country




If you choose to join us in our northerly base camp for a fall hunting trip you can expect the unexpected. After your flight out of Fairbanks into the tiny town of Bettles you will be provided with a backcountry charter deep into the wilderness of Alaska’s northerly Brooks Range, within the largest wilderness area left in North America.

Famed for its easily navigable lowlands, crystal clear rivers, rugged peaks, rolling landscapes and big game, the Brooks Range is the prime spot for a true Alaskan hunting experience. Our area in the Brooks Range is coveted for its easily accessible and impressive big game such as Dall sheep, Grizzly bear, Moose and Wolves. Our lakes, streams and rivers are hosts to grayling, northern pike, and arctic char.

Our Base Camp in the Brooks Range has all the creature comforts and is surrounded by classic North Alaskan mountains and rivers. Here the Alaskan flag waves over the cook's tent.

The ride into base camp is breathtaking.

At the base camp, 130 miles north of the Arctic Circle (and countless miles from the closest road or town), you truly are in the wilderness. Rugged as it may be, base camp and crew provide all the creature comforts necessary for an enjoyable and comfortable rustic Alaskan experience. After you depart base camp on horseback, surrounded by the majesties that Mother Nature provides, your licensed guide will provide you with all the knowledge, skill and companionship you will need to make your trip spectacular.

Camp: The main camp consists of comfortable wall tents with stoves, a shower tent with hot water and propane heater. There is a central dining tent with excellent food and lots of it. The camp is located close to timber line with a fantastic view of the mountains surrounding it.

We only take a very limited number of hunters each year, so that each person has a chance to take an older, trophy animal. For this reason, you must book well in advance.

Our gentle saddle and pack horses are used to reach spike camps in order to hunt this vast, remote country and to bring back the trophies and meat.

Dall Sheep: The area has a good population of Dall sheep, Grizzly, Moose, and Wolves. The white Dall sheep are found on the mountain sides and are one of the most beautiful trophies in the world. Rams average 36" to some large ones over 40".

Arctic Grizzlies:  They inhabit the area can be found anywhere, and they are some of the most attractive bears in all of Alaska. They range in size from 6 to 8 foot squared and range in color from dark brown to platinum blond with thick fall coats.

Bull Moose: The monstrous bull moose in the area range from 50 to over 70 inches in spread and are hunted during the rut. They are generally found in the lower areas up to timberline.

Every season hunters see Arctic wolves that range in color from white to black.


Available Hunts & Dates

Spring Grizzly Bear:

May 18-31 (12 day hunt) (Black Bear included in cost)

Dall Sheep, Moose and Wolf:

August 31 - September 12 (12 day hunt)

Dall Sheep, Grizzly and Wolf:

August 31 - September 13 (12 day hunt)

Dall Sheep and Wolf:

August 9-20, 20-31 (10 day hunt)

Grizzly, Moose and Wolf:

September 13-26 (12 day hunt)

Dall Sheep, Grizzly, Moose and Wolf:

September 13-26 (12 day hunt)

Flights: The round trip flight between Fairbanks and Bettles on Wright Air runs about $250 per person. The flight between Bettles and our base camp with Brooks Range Aviation runs at $380 round trip per person. We can provide you with a detailed list of necessary gear for your trip upon reservation.

Booking reservations- 30% of the cost of your hunt reserves your hunt date.

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