British Columbia Moose, Caribou, Grizzly, Goat and Stone Sheep Hunting

Cassier Mountain Range
Prime rut Moose Sept 20-29

Our area is located in the Cassiar Mountains and it has produced trophy animals of all species. It is the most remote area in BC. There are little to no resident hunters. There is no vehicle access to the area. Closest road is approx. 100miles away.

BC_Cassier_Lodge.jpgThis is a fly in area. Clients fly to the main camp, get licenses and then get ready to leave for the area where they will be hunting for their booked animals.

Getting there: Clients fly commercial to Smithers, BC and charter out from there to camp.



Moose range all over BC, with the North River Stone area holding one of the most prolific populations of Moose.

Although Moose will herd up somewhat during the winter months, they are a solitary animal. During the winter, the Moose’s main diet is willow and poplar.

As spring evolves, the Moose begin to move to the lakes to find relief from the bugs and to feed on aquatic vegetation. Moose are as at home in the water as on land with hollow hairs that give them buoyancy while swimming across lakes and rivers.

The rut starts in early September.

We offer the following style of Moose hunts:
Riverboat, Lake, and Alpine hunting with backpack and Argo.


Mountain Caribou range in some parts of Central British Columbia, but populations are more concentrated in Northern BC., the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. The Caribou of Northern BC are called Mountain Caribou. The difference being that, as with the Roosevelt Elk in comparison to other elk species, the Mountain Caribou carry more bulk and their antlers are thicker than the Caribou of the far North. (Yukon, Northwest Territory)

The Mountain Caribou are a non migrating Caribou and live here year round.

BC_Cassier22.jpgStone Sheep

Our Stone Sheep are the sought after dark color phase.They are the most prized trophy hunts along with our Moose, Mountain Caribou, Grizzly and Mountain Goat. Please remember your success for Stone Sheep and Mountain Goat is dependent upon your physical condition and your shooting ability.

This is one of the most prolific Stone Sheep populations in North America. One would think that the magnificent Stone was named after the environment that they live in. In fact, Stone Sheep were given their name after an early explorer, Andrew Stone of Missoula, MT discovered them during his multiple expeditions into the Stikine Drainage between 1896 and 1902. Nowhere else in the world but Northern British Columbia and the Southern Yukon Territory can the Stone Sheep be found, which makes these Ram one of the most sought after trophies.

Of the four North American Sheep, namely, the Dall, Big Horn, Desert Big Horn and the Stone, it is the Stone that presents the toughest challenge to hunt.

One of the reasons for this is that the Stone Sheep is so well camouflaged with the environment that he can become almost invisible to the eye. However it is his ability to navigate the steepest of cliffs and ledges with ease that creates the hunt of a lifetime and that indeed creates the challenge to the hunter’s every skill.

Stone Sheep Rams stay in small bachelor groups.

Our sheep hunts are 14 days. The best time to hunt for Stone Sheep is in August thru September. September hunters have the choice of adding other species to their hunt. Stone Sheep Ram will remain priority when adding other species.

The Cassiar Mountain Stone Sheep population is stable with a healthy supply of Rams to hunt. Recommended calibers: 270, 280 and 300.

Other Species: Grizzly, Mountain Goat

BC_Cassier25.jpg BC_Cassier26.jpg


Single species

Moose, or Caribou plus hunting license cost.

5% CSA Tax on all totals. This can be applied for a refund from the Gov after hunt.
If you choose to add a second or third species (moose,caribou or goat) there is a trophy fee for each species harvested.

Multi species hunt booked upfront.

BC_Cassier20.jpg2 species hunt

Hunt cost plus lic, all species lic, royalty, charter and tax.
This rate is for choice of 2 species of goat/moose / caribou
Moose/ Caribou Sept 19-30, Oct 1-11

3 species hunt

Hunt cost plus lic, species lic, royalty, charter, and tax.
This rate is for goat/moose/caribou
Sept 9-18, Sept 20-29, Oct 1-10

Grizzly Hunt

Hunt cost + trophy fee + hunt lic
Grizz tag plus royalty (only on wounded or killed animal)
GOABC plus charter and 5% tax on total.
July 31-August 7, September 9-18 and September 20-29

Moose Hunt with Grizzly on trophy fee

Hunt cost + trophy fee on Grizzly
Sept. 8-19, 2015 

Stone Sheep

Please call for rates.
July 31 - August 14, August 16-29

Mountain Goat

Please call for rates.
August 31 - September 7 (can add moose as a coincidental)

Please call for open dates: one guide, one hunter only.

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