Eastern Canadian Moose & Woodland Caribou Hunting

Fly in Sept 13 - Nov 9 | Ground accessed: Sept 6- Dec 13

Moose Info: For the past 10 seasons this outfitter has been 85% successful on his Moose. Hunters may also combine their hunt with a Woodland Caribou, offering a great package deal.

This is a unique operation. The outfitter has 15 years bush flying experience in the Newfoundland and Labrador wilderness. Furthermore he has his  own Commercial Air Taxi Service licensed by the Dept of Transport, Canada and is  fully insured and bonded as per the Canadian Transportation Agency regulations. He operates  a late model 1980 Cessna A185F Skywagon II float equipped aircraft to access his personal lodges and spike camps.. He is  very proud and passionate on being one of the few full time, professional outfitters in Newfoundland. While we cannot guarantee success we can however, guarantee a premium, honest hunting Adventure of a lifetime.

He operates lodges in the South Western and East Central regions of the province of Newfoundland, Canada. Bob has 11 years experience as a professional, full time airlifter as well as 15 years bush flying experience in Newfoundland's wilderness.

moose3.jpg moose2.jpg

Newfoundland boasts some of the highest moose population densities on the planet and offers the only huntable herd of Woodland Caribou. The area features Black Bears on record of 680 lbs. Over the past 10 years, he has been averaged 85% harvest on Bull Moose and 93% on Woodland Caribou. He offers both remote fly-in hunts as well as ground access lodge hunts. All lodges are of wooden construction and have all home amenities. He does however, offer various  spike/tent camps for short stays and week long hunts.


nf_moose1.JPGMoose Hunt Package #1

Ground based lodge hunt for 1 week and 5 hunting days. includes licences, guides, meals, transportation to from airport or hotel, trophy and meat preperation including boxing for transport home. Transportation during hunt by atvs and truck. Guide hunter ratio of 2x1. CALL FOR RATES

nf_moose2.JPGMoose Hunt Package #2

Our most popular package. Remote fly-in accessed lodge moose hunts for 1 week and 6 hunting days. Hunt includes licence, guides, meals, transportation to from airport or hotel, transportation by floatplane to from lodge, trophy and meat preperation including boxing for shippment home. Guide hunter ratio of 1x1. CALL FOR RATES

nf_moose3.jpgMoose Hunt Package #3

Trophy moose hunt. Hunt is offer on limited basis. These hunts have yielded moose in the range of 44-59 inch antler spreads. The largest one at 59 was a feature story in the Nov-Dec 2006 issue of Safari Magazine and a placement of #7 SCI. These hunts are very rugged and demanding and based from heavy canvass comfortable outfitting wall tents. The average spread from these hunts is 48 inches. The 3 largest over the past 4 years have been 59, 57 and 54. Hunt includes licence, guides, meals, transportation to from airport or hotal as well as floatplane or helicopter transportation during your hunt. Also included trophy and meat preperation including boxing for shippment home. CALL FOR RATES

nf_moose4.jpgMoose Hunt Package #4

Late fall hunts Nov – mid Dec. CALL FOR RATES

nf_caribou3.jpgWoodland Caribout Hunt

Trophy Woodland Caribou for 1 week and 6 hunting days. We offer you the best opportunity in the world to harvest this majestic trophy animal. tags are very limited!! Our main lodge at Sams Pond is the base for our trophy woodland caribou hunts, Our company aircraft is on site during your stay and flights to more productive areas are included in your adventure. Hunt includes license, guides, meals, transportation to from airport, hotel as well as transportation during your hunt by floatplane.  


nf_caribou2.JPGCombo Hunt

Trophy hunt for both Eastern Canada Moose and Woodland Caribou--CALL FOR RATES

 Note that at the 26th Boone and Crockett awards in Forth Worth Texas in July of 2007, our client James Holt received the # 1 award with his caribou scoring a whopping 385 B&C AND 419 SCI. Scott Trujillo received the 3 award. At the 27th B&C awards our client James Johnson received the # 1 B&C award with a score or approx 350 B&C.Casey Brooks as taken the number 2 SCI with with bow in 2008. Roger Engelsman # 2 woodland caribou with muzzleloader. We need you to compete for the 28th B&C awards in 2013. At the 28 B&C award this past June in Reno our clients Dr Peder Kranzlin and Mr Shawn Andres tie for # 1 award for Woodland Caribou. Both with scores of 369 net B&C.

Not Included: 6.5% Canada tax, commercial flights.

Getting there: Fly to Deer Lake or Gander, Newfoundland depending on camp where you will be met by the outfitter.

Trophy Woodland Caribou

caribou.jpgThis hunting adventure  offers your best opportunity in the World  today to hunt Trophy Woodland Caribou. The  main Lodge at Sams Pond is the base of the  Trophy Woodland Cairobu Hunts. Also offered are  many tent camp sites that are accessed by flying  bushplane to give access to the ever changing caribou movements. The outfitters  company floatplane is on site and offers as many moves that are necessary with the  floatplane to and from various locations. The main lodge site at Sam’s Pond provides excellent opportunity for record book caribou as well.  Sam’s Pond and the tent camp sites both are hunted for  the Middle Ridge Herd of caribou, that, according to biologists, are the biggest antlered herd in Newfoundland. This is  offered for trophy woodland caribou during the rut, being late Sept- early Oct  through late October. The outfitter has his own aircraft and he knows where the caribou are located!!!  At  tent sites the outfitter  provides a tent and a boat and motor as well as generated electricity. Tents are outfitter heavy canvass wall tents perched on wooden floors with wood stoves as well as propane. In 2009 our  outfitter  delivered 100% success on  trophy caribou hunts.

Note that outfitters hunters were awarded the #1 and #3 awards for Woodland Caribou at the Boone and Crockett 26th Awards in Forth Worth, Texas in July of last year. Congratulations to Mr James Holt of PA for #1 and Mr Scott Trujillo of NJ for #2. 7 trophy woodland caribou hunters this past season harvested 6 all time B & C trophies and all SCI book animals. Outfitter also has  the # 3 SCI muzzleloader by Roger Englesman. This was possibly  bumped to # 4 by Steve Bruggeman of MN this past season (outfitters clienbt as well)  thus it looks he has  the # 2 or # 3 and # 4 muzzleloader. As well outfitter has the # 3 SCI archery in 2006. The awards winner for B&C was also the # 2 for SCI Rifle and the largest woodland caribou harvested by a non-resident in 65 years with a score of 384 5/8 B7C and 419 SCI.  Outfitter is  awaiting official scores on  extremely successful trophy Woodland Caribou from this fall. It looks as though unofficially James Johnson of MT harvested the largest approx a 350 B&C net score. Hopefully will have full details in the next few months.  

 At  Caribou camp outfitter takes a maximum of 4 hunters per week.  The lodge has all the comforts of home; hot and cold running water with showers, generated electricity and propane refrigeration, as well as a cell and or satellite  telephone system.

Standard Moose Hunts

Moose hunts at main lodges yield average Newfoundland size moose from 30-40". However, each location will produce a couple or more superior trophies each year. These sites offer all amenities of home, yet outfitter uses various spike camps for overnighters away from the main lodges. Fly-in moose hunts are fairly tough hunts,  and clients  need to be in reasonable shape to expect excellent results. The  ground access lodge offers moose hunting as good as spike camps, and less physically demanding, and should be considered if your not in reasonable  physical condition. This ground access lodge does however offer the fit hunter the adventure of a lifetime as this is a vast area that you can literally hunt on foot everyday in different locations. A fabulous hunt indeed for any hunter.

Trophy Moose Hunts are offered on a limited basis. These hunts have yielded moose in the range of 43-59"with the average around 48-52" with the largest one being 59" and was a featured story in the Nov/Dec 2006 issue of Safari Magazine with a score that made #7 SCI. These hunts are rugged and demanding with no cooks or running water. You will have comfortable outfitter wall tents with wooden floors, as well as wood stoves and propane stove. Generator power is supplied. This is truly an Adventure, but not for the faint of heart. This past season 8 trophy moose hunters harvested 7 bull moose on this hunt. The other hunter had many chances to take a bull including one he says that wasa  50" plus on the first day. The trophies this past year on this hunt  ranged from 44" – 57 1/2". The 2 largest were 53" and 57 1/2".

canadalodge2.jpgHunting Seasons Fly-in:
Bow Hunting: Aug 29 to September 12
Bow/Rifle: Sept 12 to Nov 8

Ground Accessed Season
Sept 12 to December 12

Black Bear: Steele Lake, Harold’s Pond and Sam’s Pond, provide good chance to stumble onto a Black Bear. Last season bear sightings were frequent, almost everyday. There is a high population of these trophy bruins weighing  400-600 lbs. Tree stands will also be used for hunting bear. Even though it is much more difficult to keep a bear around the bait during the fall, the chances for success will run 30-40%. This is due to the vast expanses of berries that the bears feed on. But remember, these bears are huge. (300-550 lbs range common)

Bush Transportation: Outfitter also operates a commercial air service. He operates a late model 1980 float equipped Cessna A185F Skywagon II in which he pilots. His Air Charter Company is fully licensed by Transport Canada and the Candian Tranportation Agency. All three camps are remote fly-in as well as many satellite camps.  All hunters, employees, supplies, meat, etc. are flown back with  float equipped aircraft. Having his own aircraft enables him to have better access to all facilities preventing hours or days waiting for an aircraft to lift you in or out. His aviation company also provides air services to various other outfitters throughout Newfoundland. Note that he makes sure all hunters are first in line and when weather gets bad, are the first  in the air with  no delays when it clears.


Getting Here:

  • Guests hunting at Harold's Pond and Steele Lake will be required to fly into Deer Lake Airport, Newfoundland on Thursday. Guests will be picked up early Friday morning and transported by vehicle to Peter Stride’s Pond on the Burgeo Highway (2 hr drive) for a midmorning flight. Your return would be midday the following Friday.
  • Guests hunting at Sam's Pond and tent camp outposts will need to fly to Gander Airport or St. John’s, Newfoundland on Saturday. Guest hunting the ground accessed lodge - North West Gander will need to fly into Gander Saturday evening.
  • Guests will be picked up early Sunday morning and transported to float-plane base at Thorburn Lake for early afternoon flight on Sunday or driven to the ground accessed lodge. Return midday the following Sunday. There is a $100/person fee for St Johns pickup.
  • Guests that drive to Newfoundland via the ferry from North Sydney, Nova Scotia, can reach Peter Strides Pond within approximately a 2.5 hr drive from Port aux Basques. Driving guests hunting at Sam’s Pond will need to drive to Thorburn Lake, which will take about 6-7 hrs  from Port aux Basques. The ground access lodge at NWG is about 5.5 hr - A Newfoundland Road Map with marked locations will be sent to driving guests.

Meat Handling: All animals will be boned in the field, packed back at camp and hung in meat houses. On Wednesday, or earlier if warm temperatures, meat will be flown to base. For driving guests, meat is usually chilled.  For flying guests, the meat will be packaged in waxed insulated cartons and chilled for the airlines. 
Note: Butchering of meat is only done on request and is an additional cost.

A ground shipment company can make arrangements to ground ship your meat capes and antlers, frozen back to the USA. Outfitter provides boxes and drop off to this shipper: "Central Newfoundland Shipping".

License Fees: License fees are included in the package price.

Equipment: Each location is equipped with gas powered generators and chest freezers. Harold’s Pond Camp has 2 aluminum boats and 2 canoes with outboard motors. As well, he has  a 4 wheel ATV for use to retrieve meat.  At Steele Lake Lodge he has 3 aluminum boats, 1 canoe and a 6-wheel Argo ATV. At Sam’s Pond and Rainy Lake Lodges combined have 5 aluminum boats and motors and an 8-wheel Argo ATV. At North West Gander River Lodge  ground accessed site, outfitter uses a 4x4 Pickup and ATV’s.

Accommodations: Harold’s Pond, Steele Lake and North West Gander lodges are approximately 800 ft2 in size and very clean and comfortable.  They are of log construction with three double occupancy private bedrooms, hot and cold running water with showers and indoor plumbing.  Lighting is provided by generated power and refrigerator and cooking range are propane.  The lodges are heated with 12-hour burner stoves.  A full-time cook is on staff at each lodge to provide home cooked meals and shore lunches during the day.  The menu will consist of turkey, beef, duck, steak, fish, etc.   Any suggestions are welcome to the menu.  Sam’s Pond Lodge is 1,200 ft2 with five bedrooms and can accommodate six hunters.  North West Gander Lodge can accommodate 6 hunters. Note when there are only 2 hunters in camp the guides do cooking.

Motel: Guests flying into Gander or St. John’s will normally have to fly in on Saturday evening, thus, requiring hotel reservations for Saturday night. Guests flying into Deer Lake will need to fly in Thursday evening, thus, requiring hotel reservations for Thursday night. Hotel costs are the responsibility of the hunter. Assistance in making reservations can be provided to you upon request.

Temperatures: You can expect temperatures to fluctuate often from day to night and you can be assured of some wet days. Average temperature range for a September day approx 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit to night temps of 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit. October will be a little colder with days at 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit and nights at 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit. These are norm averages and extremes are possible and not uncommon. 

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Things You
Will Need:

Note: Keep gear to a maximum of 60 lbs.

  1. High top rubber boots! – Example-L.A. Cross Burly Boot
  2. Rain Gear – choose high quality rain gear with an outer layer that is both waterproof and, most importantly, quiet.
  3. Sleeping bag and pillow, medium weight bag.
  4. Towels and facecloths
  5. Personal gear
  6. Small back pack (Day Pack)
  7. Socks – 3 to 4 pairs of wool socks
  8. Rifle – 270/30-06 suggested minimum.  Have 180-250 grain bullets
  9. Soft gun case – for transporting in bush plane (required)
  10. Binoculars – at least 2 to 3 hours a day will be spent glassing
  11. Fly-net (spring bear hunt)
  12. Spotting scope suggested for trophy woodland caribou hunts


Travel Contacts:

Newfoundland Ferry: 
Marine Atlantic

P.O. Box 250,
North Sydney, N.S. B2A 3M3
Tel: 1-800-341-7981
Fax: 1-902-564-7486
Website: marine-atlantic.ca

Air Canada/Air Nova 
Tel: 1-800-AIR CANADA
Tel: 1-800-776-3000 in USA
Website: aircanada.com

Continental Airlines
Website: continental.com

Airline Bookings: 

Travel Insurance: 


Town Taxi:
Comfort Inn:
Hotel Gander:

Deer Lake:

Deer Lake Motel:
Deer Lake Taxi:

St. Johns:

Airport Comfort Inn:
1-709-753 3500