British Columbia Mountain Goat

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Backpack and horseback hunting is the preferred method of hunting with this outfitter. The concession is located in heart of British Columbia. The Cassier and Rocky Mountains are home to some of the world’s finest Mountain Goat hunting. This hunt is for the resilient and physically fit. If your up for the challenge the reward will be a trophy Mountain Goat. This is some of the wildest, harshest, but most beautiful country in the world for a sportsman. This outfitter has over 1000 square miles of hunting territory.

Available Hunts

6 day 1X1 Mountain Goat hunt

Trophy Fees for Additional Animals:

Moose.............Call for pricing
Caribou...........Call for pricing
Black Bear.......Call for pricing

Dates: Aug. 15-23, Aug. 23–30 (6 day hunt)

Includes: guide, livestock, lodging, food, wolf hunting, fishing and trophy care

Not included: flights, 6% Canada sales tax, hotels and meals prior to hunt, trophy shipping, gratuities, charter flight, BC Mountain Goat tag, BC hunting license, non resident hunter preservation fee.

Getting there: Fly to Smithers, British Columbia

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Mountain Goat are very plentiful in this outfitters area. Horn lengths run 8-11" range with record class goats harvested each season. The area has produced goats of up to 53 B&C; the average is around 9 1/4" on horn length.
Our outfitter hunts goats from August 1 through early October. Hunt early for the best weather and biggest goats and later for longer hair on the trophies. Most hunts require backpacking.

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