Carmen Mountain Whitetail and Crooki Mule Deer

Since 1972

This has been called "The Jewel of Old Mexico Hunting Lodges" and "Unexpected luxury in the mountains for the most discriminating of hunters."

The hunting operations cover 100,000 acres. The sprawling ranch is located in the mountains 100 miles South West of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, and in line with the famed Big Bend National Park area of West Texas. In November of 1995, we reopened this beautiful ranch for the first hunting season since noted flyer Charles Lindbergh hunted the ranch in 1928.

Lodging is offered in a fabulous, huge 7,000 sq. ft. adobe mansion with the most authentic southwest atmosphere. This magnificent lodge will host only 4 hunters at a time, and the owner will be there on the premises at all times to personally assure you the finest possible hunt.

Hunting Gear and Important Information

The elevation of the ranch is 4,900 feet and temperatures are normally from the high 30's to high 70's, but changing weather patterns often cause temperature ranges from as low as 20’s to as high as 80’s.

Ground transportation from the Eagle Pass, Texas to the ranch is included in the hunting package fee.  We require arrival at the border a day early, in order to depart early in the morning and arrive at the ranch at lunch time.

As an option we offer air service in a single engine aircraft to the ranch, we strongly recommend that hunters travel as light as possible. Only one deer rifle with a soft case is allowed and an extra 35 lbs. of clothing and gear. Maximum two hunters per trip, see air fare on our list price.

We will take care of and provide all necessary paperwork needed to hunt in Mexico. Our operation there are licensed and registered Mexico outfitters. Our guarantee to you is a hassle free hunt in Mexico along with easy border crossing.

Hunts offered

Hunt #1:
Carmen Mountain Whitetail Deer

Odocoileus Virginianus Carminis
mountain3.jpg mountain4.jpg

This hunting package is basically the same as the Crooki Mule Deer Hunt. The difference is in the type of terrain where hunting takes place, which is more mountainous for this elusive Whitetail subspecies. It becomes a completely different experience than hunting in brush country. (The new SCI world record non-typical Carmen Mountain Whitetail was taken from the ranch.

Season: Early December through Late January
Call for pricing: (512) 261-2400

Hunt #2:
Crooki Mule Deer

Odocoileus Hemionus Crooki
mountain5.jpg mountain6.jpg

This package includes 4 full days of hunting and 4 nights of lodging, as well as 3 gourmet meals a day and open bar. It also includes round-trip land transportation from Eagle Pass, TX, which is a 4 1/2 hour, beautiful, scenic drive through historical towns, picture-taking views from the Sierra Madre, and a fantastic experience through a half-mile long tunnel. Air transportation by a single engine airplane is available upon request. Our hunt s are fully guided and done in a true fair-chase style. Vehicles and horses are available at the ranch at no extra charge.

Season: Late November through Late December
Call for pricing: (512) 261-2400

Hunt #3: The Ultimate Hunt

mountain11.jpg mountain10.jpg mountain9.jpg

This is a combination package where you can hunt both Crooki Mule Deer and Carmen Mountain Whitetail deer on the same trip. This limited grand hunting trip gives you the opportunity to harvest two different types of deer on 1 trip. The duration of t he package is 5 nights of lodging and 5 days of hunting. Extra days can be added if needed. It also includes the same services as the regular hunting packages.

Call for pricing: (512) 261-2400

mountain8.jpgCharges Not Included:

  • Hunting Permit per deer/ ranch rifles free of charge
  • Gun Permit
  • Observer (per day)
  • Extra Hunting Days available
  • Air transportation

The Lodge

mountain12.jpg mountain14.jpg
mountain13.jpg mountain17.jpg
mountain15.jpg mountain18.jpg

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#1 SCI Carmen Mountain Whitetail killed on the ranch

Celebrity Guests

Former Senator Shelby with lodge owner in Mexico

Lodge owners' daughter with the former Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf

Lodge owner with former Pres. Bush

Lodge owner with Chuck Yeager