Sonora Desert Mule Deer & Couses Deer Hunting

December - January
The largest Mule Deer in the world

Riata is one of the largest and most reputable outfitters and booking agents in Sonora. Our staff has been outfitting in Sonora for over 17 years.

We offer over 10 private, well managed ranches and lodges in Sonora, Mexico for trophy Mule Deer and Couses Deer, and desert Bighorn Sheep. They are outlined below. They are operated by 6 different outfitter families.

The desert mule deer hunting in Sonora, Mexico is the best in the world if you hunt with the right outfitter. All 6 of our outfitters are established, credible Sonoran landowners and one is world-renowned in the U.S. for hunting Mule Deer for over 30 years.

The ranches are huge and privately owned. They experience minimal hunting pressure. They are managed for trophy class Mule Deer, Couses Deer, and Bighorn Sheep. Water management, grazing management, and no young bucks are killed intentionally. Depending on the geographic area of Sonora there are “pockets” of higher and lower deer densities. Lower deer density areas does not mean we do not harvest big deer there. Our 6 outfitters are located in multiple "pockets" giving the client the ability to see from, on the average, 4-20 bucks in a day. It is not uncommon to go into an area to hunt on a certain day that consists of a 20,000+ acre section or ranch.

The advantages to hunting Sonora are the moderate climate, private ranches, relatively flat to rolling, sandy country and moderately rocky terrain and the ability to hunt using various methods.

Clients can follow the track of a heavy buck with their guide until they catch him laying down, they can walk slowly, glassing valleys and hillsides, they can spot & stalk, or ride in "high racks" safari style that are built on top of pick up trucks and catch bucks in the rut feeding and circling Does. In some cases we also hunt over food plots and water holes which can be very effective.

The genetics of these deer are WIDE as you can see from the photos below. Both typical and non-typical genes are present. Success has been over 95% in bucks in the 175-210BC+ class and each season multiple bucks are taken by the outfitters exceeding 205BC. This is an expensive hunt. The hunts are priced accordingly so the outfitter can accept a limited number of hunters each year and maintain the quality of the herd and integrity of the leases or owned land he operates.

We have 6 operators in Sonora. All are very good outfitters. December is good hunting as you have the "first crack" at new bucks for that season. The rut runs in early to mid January through the first week in February and can be awesome hunting. Hunting can be good through mid February on special permits.

Hunt #1

AC Ranches

Multiple ranches averaging 25,000 + - acres each
Clients have averaged 175-190+BC gross on these ranches.

sonora-ac-ranch1.jpg sonora-ac-ranch2.jpg
$10,995  | 6 day 1x1 | License is $600 = $11,595

Max of 2 hunters per date: we do not update our calendar. Please call for availability on current dates below. We schedule 2 hunters per week, per ranch on the below dates of each year. Again, please call for availability of dates.

Dec 1-8, 2015 (2 hunters)
Dec 8-15, 2015 (2 hunters)
Dec 15-22, 2015 (2 hunters)
Jan 2-9, 2016 (2 hunters)
Jan 9-16, 2016 (2 hunters)
Jan 16-23, 2016 (2 hunters)
Jan 23-30,2016 (2 hunters)

Arrive the day before and depart Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico the day after

Includes: meals, personal guide, trackers, airport ground transfers, beverages, field care of trophies. Not Included; tag, wildlife conservation stamp, firearm permit fee, $500 license, commercial flights, gratuities. Getting there: clients fly to Hermosillio, Mexico where they are met and greeted by the outfitter and transferred to camp.

Booking your hunt: $3500 deposit per person secures hunt date and reservation Lodging is in a ranch house with hot water, twin beds, generator electricity, cell service, cook camp area, fire pit. Cinder block ranch house. Clean , comfortable, full staff.

Hunt #2

C.B. Ranches

Clients have averaged 175-200+, with 4 bucks exceeding 200BC in the 2013 season.
200,000 acres, 4 different ranches.

Rates: $6500 hunt fee / $3000 kill fee / $600 license=$10,100 all in
$3500 deposit secures hunt date

sonora-cbranch2.jpg sonora-cbranch3.jpg

Lodge: 3-star fully furnished, multi bedroom lodge. 25,000 acre ranch. This is a hunt for our clients who want to stay in one of the nicest lodges in Sonora, Mexico.

sonora-cbranch5.jpg sonora-cbranch6.jpg

Camp: 40,000 acre ranch, old west style tented camp with 28' travel trailor. The ranch is remote, but the food is excellent.

Call for dates: (512) 261-2400.

Hunt #3

W.L. Hunt

Our premium Sonora Mule Deer hunt with our highest overall B&C average each year.

Rates: $15,500 + $600 license
Couses deer add-on to Mule Deer hunt is $5500

6 day hunt 1x1 guided with an additional spotter. Meals, exceptional 5 star lodging, and satellite lodges, airport ground transfers, and game care. License is $600. $6500 deposit secures your hunt date.

Clients have averaged 188-210BC+ here and have taken such bucks as a 208BC typical, a 212BC typical, both netting true Boone & Crockett. In the 2012 season we took a 205BC, 203BC, 198BC, 192BC, 189BC and 188BC. Additionally, a 234BC non-typical was taken on the ranch several years ago. In 2013, we took a 203,202, and 5 other bucks between 184 and 200 inches here.

The ranch is 250,000 acres contiguous. We take an average of 10-15 bucks a year off the 250,000 acres. There are no cattle on the ranch which is very unusual for Mexico. Why? The owner of the ranch manages it strictly for trophy Mule Deer. As a result, waterlines run throughout the ranch and mineral protein and alfalfa feed stations are provided for the Mule Deer year around. Again, very unusual for Mexico. There are several large food plots on the ranch as well that depend on rainfall. Food plots for Mule Deer in Mexico is very unusual. The ranch is located 1.2 hours northwest of Hermosillo.

sonora-wlranch2.jpg sonora-wlranch3.jpg

The high deer density on the ranch is unusual for Sonora. It supports seeing an average of 6-20+ bucks a day - very unique for Sonora.

5 star, fully furnished, beautiful multi bedroom lodge and 4 other satellite lodges/camps. These houses are cinder block ranch houses, heated, and lighted by generator. They are clean and comfortable.

Hunt #3 Couses Deer Hunting

5 days/6 nights/ 8 hunts
$7995 per hunter / $600 tag / $2500 deposit secures your hunt

We have our 250,000 acre ranch, and 3 additional premium ranches around Sonora for Couses deer. This totals over 400,000 acres of huntable ground. Three of the first four hunters in 2007 killed net B&C Couses deer.  13 year old Cooper Mitchell from Lindon, Utah killed the new #3 Couses buck in the world.  This is an excellent opportunity to kill a net, B & C record book Couses buck with a javelina as a bonus. We are more expensive than most Couses outfitters, but a large % of our bucks make the net Boone & Crockett minimum. We accept 15 hunters per year.

Hunt #4

Trophy Mule Deer and Couses Hunting

Ranch 1: R.P. Ranch

sonoraranch.png  sonorabar.png
Mule Deer: $10,900 hunt fee + $2500 trophy fee 
Couses Deer: $5900 hunt fee 
5 full days
Includes meals, lodging, guide, transfers $600 license

(220,000 acres contiguous) located north of Hermosillo and east of Benjamin Hill. Very nice ranch house. Located in prime muley and Couses country!!

We have our 180,000 acre ranch, and another 40,000 acre across the road where we feature some of the worlds finest Couses hunting. This totals over 220,000 acres of huntable ground. We are more expensive than most Couses outfitters,  but a large % of our bucks make the net Boone & Crockett minimum. We accept 5 hunters per year here.

Ranch 2: S.T. Ranch

+ $2500 kill fee + $600 license

Consists of 4 different ranches from 12,000 acres to 25,000 acres each serviced from one lodge contiguous.

This lodge at the S.T. Ranch features 2 client bedrooms, each with 2 queen beds, with 1 bath, and double occupancy plus a dining hall and kitchen. 4 hunters per hunt date. More S.T. ranch bucks featured below through the years.

Riata's Mike Gardner with a client
(above) and his Jan 2015, 194BC
buck and the group's Jan 2015
bucks from the S.T. Ranch

Riata client David Williams with a Jan 2015
S.T. Ranch buck scoring 184BC with
great mass.

Big free range mule deer are currently in the most demand of any north American big game animal. Sonora is very, very popular with big game hunters.


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Sonora Mule Deer 2012

Sonora Mule Deer 2012

Sonora Mule Deer 2012

Sonora Mule Deer 2012