Alberta, Canada’s
BR Lodge


A bird hunters paradise - Greater and Lesser Canada Geese, Whitefronted Geese, Snow, Ross and Blue Geese,  along with Mallard, Pintail, Wigeon and Teal...

albertalodge.pngThe BR River Lodge - one of Canada's finest lodges.

Our 3600 sq. ft. 9 bedroom lodge, with self-contained bathrooms, conference facilities and excellent meals is second to none. The lodge and hunting area is in the middle of Alberta’s largest staging area for waterfowl. Geese fly into this area from Northern Canada, Alaska and Russia. The area is farm and ranch land and offers plenty of feed for the birds so that they stay until freeze up in early November. With numerous lakes and abundance of feed, this area is the best in North America for goose hunting. From late August to early November the skies are full of birds that leave the safety of the water to feed in the surrounding fields morning, and evening.

albertabirds.pngMost of the lakes and large areas of water are sanctuaries with no shooting allowed, giving the birds a place to rest and ensuring they stay in the area.

The actual hunting is done in these grain fields, with a spread of decoys and a blind. Shooting is done in the morning and evening. In the event that limits are filled in the morning, the afternoon can be used for spotting the next day’s shoot. A typical day spent would be an early start to set up for the morning hunt, back to the lodge for breakfast around 11 a.m., perhaps a little rest and out again in the afternoon, returning to camp at dark for a hearty meal and time to swap some hunting tales.

DATES: (Based on a 3-day hunt):
2013 dates are available starting in early September until mid/late October.

For Thursday to Saturday hunts you arrive in Edmonton on Wednesday for Airport pick-up and return to Edmonton on Saturday afternoon for Sunday morning departure home.

Please plan your airline flights to arrive mid-day into Edmonton. Exact arrival and departure dates are determined at time of booking. Edmonton is serviced by major airlines throughout the day. Scheduled ground transportation to the lodge is included along with the return to Edmonton on the afternoon of the 3rd day of your hunt. Air charter to and from camp is available at an extra cost directly through a charter company.

HUNTING CONDITIONS: September and October in Alberta is harvest time and "Indian Summer". It can be the nicest time of the year weather wise; however one should always be prepared and bring along rain gear and clothing for a cool fall morning. A recommended clothing and equipment list will be sent at time of booking.

CARE OF GAME: Bird cleaning is NOT included in the hunt. The cost of cleaning the birds is an additional cost for each Goose and for each duck. All birds harvested must be cleaned. Birds must be cleaned with wing attached for identification regulations.  

HOW TO GET HERE: Edmonton is serviced by numerous airlines. Make travel arrangements to arrive the day before the hunt for ground transportation to the lodge. If you are hunting Monday to Wednesday your pick-up will be on Sunday at noon from our local hotel, if you are hunting Thursday to Saturday your pick-up will be on Wednesday at 5pm from the international airport. WE also have a 3000' paved airstrip in Coronation, AB which is 15 min from the lodge.

HUNT LOCATION: The lodge and hunting area are located approximately 2 1/2 hours SE of Edmonton in Coronation, Alberta.


Cost of these hunts are per hunter + license, tax and bird cleaning. Pleae call for pricing.



Sporting dogs are welcome. With all the shooting done in grain fields, it is not a must, but nothing is nicer than to see a good dog work.


  • Scheduled transportation to BR Lodge from Edmonton and back after hunt.
  • All guide services
  • Food and Accommodations


  • Gratuities to staff
  • Bird cleaning
  • Firearm import fees
  • Items of personal nature
  • Hunting License and Ammunition
  • 5% GST/Tax
  • Hotels and meals prior to and after return from the lodge.   
  • You may require a hotel on your return to Edmonton before your departure for home. This depends on airline schedule.

The BR Lodge is a 3600 sq. ft. fully equipped lodge with 9 bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. We provide excellent meals and the kitchen is always open for snacks. Please advise us of any special dietary requirements. Our kitchen staff will go out of their way to please you. I am sure after your first visit you will agree that our accommodations and meals are unsurpassed. Wireless internet available at the Lodge. 

The area, lodge, amount of birds, staff, and equipment are second to none.  Along with the above and liberal limits, we guarantee you will return with friends and family year after year for North America's greatest Goose hunting.

Please call us or email us to book your adventure or for further information.

Phone:  512-261-2400


The following is a letter from one goose hunting client:

Christopher Meckle (Deceased)
Tujunga, CA
January 2004

Dear Pat, Nick and Dan,

I would like to take this time to tell you what a wonderful time my father and I had sharing the experience you call BR Lodge. First I would like to give you a little background into the hunting history that my father and I have together. I am 37 years old now and let’s just say that my dear old dad is not. In 1973 my dad and Ed Lutes and some of their friends from the Los Angeles Police Department started the Tule Pond Duck Club in Tipton, California. A club, which I am proud to say, is still going strong today. I was 6p years old when they started the club, but by that time I was already riveted by stories of his past hunting trips. I’ll tell you Pat, and I remember this like it was yesterday, waiting in our front yard on Sundays for the big yellow motor home to come rumbling down our street carrying my dad and his tales of duck hunting. Upon his arrival, my job was to help unload the gear. First and most important, I would carry his shotgun in its old suede case into the house. I swear this gun was nearly as big as me. After the gun was inside, then came my favourite part. When I returned to the motor home I would put on his hunting jacket (down past my knees) and his hat (over my eyes) and then he would let me wear his duck calls and believe me when I tell you this Pat, my calling skills have not improved much since then. I think the thing that sticks most in my memory was the jacket. Not only did it look like a dirty green prom dress on me, but there was the smell; ahh...the wonderful smell. I think that only another water fowler can really relate to what I am about to describe. My dad’s jacket was a perfect mixture of sweat, campfire smoke and nasty duck blind water. To the average 6 year old these things are not particularly appealing, but to me it smelled kinda like the kitchen does when there’s a cake in the oven. Suddenly I became a 6 year old with a mission: hunt with dad. I got my hunting license when I turned 9, and ten days before my 10th birthday I shot my first dove. The next 27 years as they say, are history. So to say that water fowling was a big part of our lives would be an understatement. Over these years of father/son bonding, I realized that not only is he my father but also my best friend. I used to sit in his den reading his hunting magazines with stories of goose hunting in Chesapeake Bay or Katy, Texas or hunting mallards in flooded timber in Stuttgart, Arkansas. I would lay back and think to myself...SOMEDAY. Anyway, when I got older dad and I would often talk in the duck blind about what it would be like to go on a guided duck/goose hunt someday. Well Pat, as was God’s will, my mother passed away in June 2002 and dad took it extremely hard. To try to get him back on his feet again, our friend Bill Whalen suggested that they check out AMERI-CANA. Although it took lots of persuading, today he says it was the best medicine. When dad returned from Battle River last year he was full of stories. Only this time the stories were not only of the terrific goose hunting, but also of the cast and crew that ran this outfit. His descriptions of the lodge, the crew and the hunting were so detailed that I could almost taste the morning air. Within days we had set into motion the plans that would lead me to Battle River Lodge and the fulfillment of my childhood dream. Fast forward to September 28, 2003...Nick’s truck pulls up in front of BR Lodge and I say aloud “HOLY S—T, I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M REALLY HERE”.  A phrase that I would repeat for more than 7,000 times over the next 3 1/2 days. Ever since I was a kid my dad has always told me that hunting is not about the number of birds that we shoot, but more about the quality time spent between a father and son. Okay...I lied. So it’s 90% about quality time and 10% about drinking and building huge campfires. My point is this: everything that I know about hunting (drinking and fire safety included) I have learned from sharing time in the outdoors with my dad on our dream hunt with Nick yelling “TAKE ‘EM” every 3 minutes. I have always been a firm believer that every person should have the opportunity to fulfill at least one of their dreams in their lifetime, and since I don’t think I’ll ever hit a home run in game 7 of the world series and Britney Spears would probably have me arrested if I went near her, then let it be goose hunting. Honestly Pat, to say that the hunting at the BR Lodge lived up to my expectations would be an understatement. Let me put it this way, I think that the photo of our first morning hunt will look great on the cover of your 2004 brochure. Anyway, like I said, hunting is not about numbers. Well...not only about numbers. From the minute we left Los Angeles, everything was perfect. Yes, I said perfect. The flight, the layover in Edmonton, the ride out with Nick, scouting with Chuck (thanks for answering 10,000 goose questions, even if you made up ½ of it, it worked), the lodge, the grounds and the accommodations, the food, (2 words...CARROT CAKE) and finally, the crew. Now we all know what truly professional Alberta goose hunting is really all about. I’ll close this letter by saying thanks for not only a great hunt, but also a fond memory that will remain for a lifetime.



Christopher Meckle
Tujunga, California

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Travel Documents:

You will need a passport to enter Canada. For more border crossing details visit It is your responsibility to make sure you will not be refused entry into Canada.

Firearms and

You will have no problem bringing your sporting arms and ammunition into Canada (no pistols).  We will send to you a firearms import form which you will fill out and have ready at customs for import of your firearm.  Canada is non-toxic shot governed.  We will be shooting steel, Bismuth, or tungsten.  We have steel and a substitute shot available in camp at market price.

Only shells and cartridges are accepted and must be carried in checked baggage. Gunpowder and gunpowder pellets are strictly prohibited. Ammunition allowance is limited to 11 pounds (5 Kg) per passenger. Allowances for more than one passenger cannot be combined into one or more packages. The firearm and the ammunition must not be packed in the same container.  Ammunition must be packed in the manufacturer's original package or securely packed in fiber, wood or metal containers. To avoid shock movement, the properly packaged ammunition must then be placed inside a suitcase and cushioned with clothing.    

BIRDS LIMITS AND POSSESSION (current 2012): Possesion limit is 3 day daily limit! Effective beginning 2012 season 

Bag Limits:

Alberta allows a daily limit of 8 CANADA GEESE and 20 SNOW GEESE (including Ross and Blue Geese). Possession is 24 Canada’s and 60 snow geese.

NON RESIDENT ALIEN: Of your 8 Canada geese, (4) may be White Fronted(Speckle Belly).

RESIDENT OF CANADA: Of your 8 canada Geese, (5) may be White Fronted (Speckle Belly).

Alberta allows a daily limit of 8 ducks, possession of 24. Of the 8 ducks (4) may be Pintail.