New Mexico & Colorado Private Land Elk, Mule Deer, and Antelope Hunting


325,000 acre Raton, NM ranch, 300,000 acre Logan, NM ranch and 90,000 acre Monument, Colorado ranch; Both offer 4 star lodges on the ranch

Mule Deer New Mexico: 
$6500 general season (last 2 weeks of October) 1x1 or $5995 2x1. $340 on the tags.
$6995 1x1 and $6500 2x1 pre-rut hunt.
Tags are $425. Hunters are required to purchase a small game license $65. 
$7995 1x1 and $7500 2x1 rut hunt (generally are the 12-15 of December).

We offer 2 ranches/same owner and operator:
Ranch 1- 300,000 acre private ranch - Raton, New Mexico
Ranch 2- 300,000 private ranch - Logan, New Mexico

All hunts on this ranch are guaranteed licenses. No draw. This trophy Mule deer hunt described takes place on a 325,000 acre private ranch and a 350,000 acre private ranch-1 contiguous tract that lies a short distance east of Raton, New Mexico and in Logan, New Mexico. Both ranches have been intensely managed for Trophy Mule Deer and Antelope for over 20 years. Our operator lives on the Raton ranch full time.  They feature excellent guides, very nice accommodations and excellent food.

How we hunt: The hunt is glassing and spot and stalk out of 4X4 vehicles.

Getting there: Clients fly to either Amarillo, Colorado Springs, Denver, or Albuquerque, NM. – clients choice (and depending on ranch hunted). Rent car and drive to ranch where you will be met and greeted by the outfitter. Clients flying private into Raton or Logan will be met by the outfitter and transported to the ranch by the outfitter. Our commercial flight recommendation is Denver for Raton Ranch and Amarillo for Logan Ranch. Logan Ranch: Drive to Conchas NM off of I-40. Traveling from the north, Mosquero NM. 

Deposits: 50% per person secures hunt date. Riata accepts checks and all major credit cards.

Call for more info. 512-261-2400

There is a 6.5% NM sales tax on the price of the hunt.

Elk & Antelope Hunting in New Mexico 

350,000 acre private ranch

The Bull Elk on the two ranches have averaged 310+ BC each season, with multiple bulls scoring 330+BC each year with some bulls scoring up to 360BC in years past. Past rifle hunts have been 100% success every year. 100% success in 2012 season with 6 hunters taking bulls, the best being a 350BC bull.

Dates: Call for dates. (512) 261-2400. 



Rifle Elk: $14,000 + license $569 and NM sales tax of 6.5%, $65 small game license
(5 day hunt) meals, lodging, and 1x1 guide service

Antelope: $3,995
Guided, includes meals, lodging

New Mexico Ranch: The closest town is Raton. The ranch features a 4 star, fully furnished lodge. Very nice. Renovated on the inside. Clients fly to Colorado Springs, Colorado, rent a car and drive to the ranch 3 hours away. This is a full rut hunt. This ranch is awesome.  Each day you are covered up with bugling, rutting bulls with a very professional guide.

New Mexico Lodge

nm_lodge2.jpgnm_lodge1.jpg nmlodge3.jpg

90,000 acre Colorado Ranch Elk Hunt 

Located near Monument, Colorado the ranchland consists of 90,000 acres and features a 7500 square foot, 5 bedroom/5 bath/4 star lodge. Clients do not need to draw a tag. The ranch offers guaranteed landowner tags on its ranching for wildlife program. Clients fly to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

 Sept 14-18 or 19-23 Rut Hunt (5 day hunt); includes meals, lodging, 1x1 guide service and transfers from Colorado Springs airport.

Rates: $14,000 + license $565; there is no tax in Colorado

Colorado Accommodations: 4+ star lodge located on the ranch. 7500 square ft, 5 bedrooms/5 baths. Double occupancy.

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Testimonials on this top New Mexico Outfitter

I have hunted now with this outfitter for 19 years straight. I have used them to entertain my top customers over the years with 100% faith, and they have always come through. I have also taken now 17 mule deer with them with an amazing 12 of them gross scoring 190" or more. My biggest being a 215" monster. I have also hunted and taken B&C Antelope, great Elk, and my biggest black bear to date. I would recommend them to anyone as I have hunted all over and never seen an outfit that would top them. Simply wonderful people!

Dan Moultrie
Founder of Moultrie Feeders/Moultrie Game Cameras

I really cannot remember how many years I have hunted with the outfitter. I have hunted mule deer, big horn sheep and antelope for 10 or 12 years. Their antelope hunts are the best in New Mexico with many B & C book animals taken every season. However, in my opinion, they offer the Rocky Mountain Mule Deer hunter one of the very best opportunities in the USA to take a True Trophy Mule Deer buck. Without a doubt, a Trophy Mule Deer is the most difficult animal to get in the USA. This is one of the best there is when it comes to hunting True Trophy Mule Deer.

Ray A. Murski
Owner/Founder Bliss/Murski Sales Group

I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great hunting experience in a beautiful area with a lot of big mule deer. 

Jim Cabela
Co-Founder and Vice Chairman
Cabelas Inc.

Over a long career I've hunted with dozens of outfitters from Alaska to Alabama, and few match the down home, friendly, timely service of this outfitter. Facilities are clean and orderly, meals are delicious and on-time, and the staff are both helpful, gracious and respectful. Above all, game is plentiful, mature and undisturbed! There is no competing with the masses. You and your guide hunt at your own pace without fear that someone else will cut in line or beat you to an animal. This is hunting the way it's supposed to be. The end result for me was an outstanding pronghorn buck green-scoring more than 80 B&C points. 

Ron Spomer
Ron Spomer Outdoors Inc.
writer, photographer, seminar speaker, TV host

To the outfitter,

I am really looking forward to my fourth mule deer hunt with you this year. Why would a guy go back to the same place that many years in a row? Simple. I've been able to take three great Mule Deer bucks and one Boone and Crockett pronghorn on those previous hunts. But that's only part of it. You've got great guides, quality equipment, the best territory, a real opportunity to look over a lot of bucks and, hopefully, find that big one. Not to mention wonderful accommodations and outstanding home cooked meals. I have truly appreciated all the effort that you have gone to in making these hunts successful and memorable, and I can't wait to see you all and do it again this fall.

Best personal regards,

Mike Callahan/Senior Vice President of Cabelas, Inc.

As an outdoor writer and television show host, and simply as a hunter, I've had the opportunity to hunt with outfitters throughout the world. I've hunted with a lot of good people and outfits, but my pick of the best is this outfitter. Put simply, they just don't come any better!

Larry Weishuhn
Biologist/Outdoor Writer/Television Show Host