Alaskan Dall Sheep & Combo Hunts

Alaskan Range Denali, Alaska

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10 day Dall Sheep
10 day Moose & Grizzly Bear
10 day Moose & Caribou

This outfitter has been consistently producing trophy rams for clients for over 20 years. The area in the Alaskan range near the Denali National Park has been 95% success producing rams in the 37” range. Each year he takes rams in the 40’+ range.

Not only does the area hold an excellent population of sheep in terms of numbers which is important in sheep hunting, particularly archery hunting but the outfitter and his staff consider it their primary objective to ensure client success in getting you your trophy ram. Success in 08 and 09 was 100% on a 37"+ average. Combo hunts are available for caribou, black bear, grizzly and moose.                        

Rates: 10 day 1x1 Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt (9 hunting days): Call for pricing.

Please Call for Dates

Includes: 1x1 guide service, lodging, meals, field transport and care of game.

Not Included: Commercial flights, hotel and lodging prior to hunt, non-resident Alaskan hunting license, Dall Sheep tag, charter fees to McGrath and charter to lodge, Alaska Non-Resident hunting preservation fund, and gratuities all at additional cost.

Getting there: Fly to McGrath, Alaska and charter to camp the next day

  • Booking deposit - sheep only
  • 2nd payment
  • Final payment due 60 days prior to hunt date
  • Call for rates

dall_Marty_Miller.jpg"When I select an outfitter there are three things I look for: An area that has an abundance of game as well as an area that produces trophy animals. An outfitter that has strong knowledge of the area and a history of producing results. An outfitter that will go to great lengths to help me get my game. Mike excels at all three. I have hunted three times with Mike, for bear and sheep. Every time I saw lots of game and when weather or other aspects of the hunt challenged me, Mike went the extra mile to help me be successful. Many outfitters just drop you off and hope for the best. Mike takes his job seriously and will do everything possible to help you out. Even if that means some extra fly time or days in the field. Not many outfitters like him out there. I shot a great sheep on my last hunt and it was because Mike went the extra mile for you. If you hunt Alaska, you better consider this outfitter."
Marty Miller, WI 2009 

dall_Randy_Creighton.jpg"Mike runs a first class outfit. He and his team of guides work very hard to put their hunters on game. His preseason scouting really pays off, every hunter in our group got a nice ram, most in just a few days of hunting. The overall Alaska experience was awesome. I would highly recommend his  service to any hunter who was serious about Dall sheep hunting. Mike was very honest about the type of hunt I would have, there were no unpleasant surprises."
Randy Creighton, NM 2009

dall_David_Catari_.jpg"Great experience with Mike on a sheep hunt this past August, 2009. I had my doubts about sheep hunting after spine surgery two months prior to my hunt date. But after talking to Mike about my situation he recommended using a Packer to carry any load we may have. A big THANK YOU Mike for making my hunt an enjoyable experience. Both Ron Heidemann (Guide) and Abe Henderson (Packer) took care of me like a brother. Ron knew very well how to hunt sheep. Once a legal Dall was spotted he took his time in the stalk to make absolutely sure I had a good shot. After the sheep was down Abe was a blessing carrying hide, horns and meat out. I think they could have carried me out if necessary. Great job guys. Thanks again. I’ll be back."
David Catari, NY 2009

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