Why hunt whitetail deer with Riata?

Riata offers the finest South Texas and the Texas Panhandle Free Range Whitetail Deer hunting. This is our specialty and # 1 seller. Additionally, we offer a select number of high fenced hunting opportunities for 150BC-300BC whitetail on large, private, fair chase acreage.

Location, Location, Location!
You have to hunt where they live.


The Facts

South Texas

We hunt very large, free ranging, and high fence fair chase private acreage with minimal hunting pressure. Of the 254 Texas counties Texas counties, approximately 54% of all non-typical Boone & Crockett bucks and 71% of all typical Boone & Crockett bucks harvested in Texas in the last 100 years have come from a 10 county area known as the "golden triangle". This area runs from Laredo, Texas northwest to Del Rio, east to Pearsall and south again to Laredo.

Texas Panhandle

We have huge blocks of private land in the ever emerging “honey hole” of the Texas panhandle for free ranging monster whitetails. Many of the ranches can be over 25,000 acres of contiguous ranchland. In recent years, the Texas panhandle has produced bucks in the 180-230BC range. Often compared to Kansas strain whitetails- they have huge bodies in the 180-240 pound field dressed range and often heavy, massive antlers.


South Texas has proven to produce wide, tall, dark horned, heavy antlers.


South Texas boasts the highest protein and phosphorous levels of anywhere in North America found in plant species and forbs. Additionally, many of our pastures are involved in supplemental protein feeding programs in the form of pellets and cottonseed.


Our designated ranches only harvest bucks of mature age class, providing a new crop of trophy caliber deer each year.

Knowledge, Experience, Results

Our hunting experiences have produced more free ranging bucks for our clients scoring over 150BC gross than any outfitter in Texas.

We specialize in corporate Hunts for companies entertaining customers or valuable employees.

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