Alberta Mule Deer & Whitetail Combo Hunts

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Our lodge has been outfitting this area since 1981. Approximately 24 Mule deer hunts per year are conducted out of the lodge. Our clients hunt out of one of Canada’s nicest lodges. Mule Deer bucks weigh over 350 pounds and average 175-210BC+ and 140-180+ on Whitetail, with the best Whitetail in 2010 being a 190+ BC. These are big framed bucks. 2012 produced a double drop, 224BC Mule Deer.

The lodge has been guiding and outfitting here in the SAME AREA and has secured all the non-resident tag allocations for the future. In Alberta, non-resident allocations are issued to outfitters on a limited basis in each Wildlife Management Unit. We are pleased in that the lodge has had the majority of the allocations issued in the same area since 1981. With the limited amount of hunting pressure this policy has brought to the area, the deer hunting just gets better every year.

Approximately 15 years ago the Mule Deer in our area were placed on a "limited entry draw" in this unit, reducing the annual harvest to approximately half of the kill and therefore allowing bucks to mature to trophy quality. This draw has allowed the bucks to grow and mature to outstanding trophy quality.

We have a limited amount of permits available for non-residents, meaning you are assured a license when you book your hunt with us. The high quality of the Trophy Mule Deer resulting from this system could give you an opportunity to harvest a "wall hanger".

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Combo Mule Deer/Whitetail

$9900 + $1050 kill fee per buck harvested
5% tax on hunt and trophy fee | 1x1 guided all inclusive

Mule Deer Only Hunt

$7900 + $1050 kill fee incl. tax
5% tax on hunt and trophy fee | 1X1 guided all inclusive

Licenses and Tags

Combo hunt: $735
Mule Deer Only tag: $365
Whitetail only tag: $445

Cost Includes: Scheduled Transportation from Edmonton to the lodge and return trip to Edmonton All guide services Food and Accommodations Care of trophies Cost Does Not Include: Gratuities to staff Firearms import fees and commercial airfare Ammunition / trophy harvest fees Hunting license, tags, and 5% tax on hunt and trophy fees Hotel and meals before and after your hunt Taxidermy work and/or meat processing. We accept all major credit and debit cards and checks.

Deposit: 50% of hunt value; balance and license fees due approx. 45 days prior to your hunt arrival.

Hunt Location

You will be hunting the area in southeastern Alberta the lodge has had since 1981. The area is close to the Saskatchewan border and is renowned for consistently producing some of the largest trophies in Alberta.

The area is mostly privately held farm and ranch land, with river valleys, creeks, wooded "coolies", small wood lots, grain fields and large pastures, all providing excellent habitat for both Whitetails and Mule Deer and allowing outstanding hunting opportunities.

The lodge is located 3-hours south east of Edmonton. Coronation, Alberta is the nearest town to the Lodge.


The Lodge is a 3600 sq. ft. fully equipped lodge with 9 bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. Excellent meals and the kitchen is always open for snacks. Free wireless internet is available at the Lodge. You can have your own room and bath unless sharing a room with a buddy.

Getting There

Edmonton is serviced by most major airlines. We recommend Delta. We recommend arriving 2 days before your hunt begins. You will require a 1st nights stay at the Nisku Inn, in Edmonton next to the airport. We will pick you up the next morning and stop by Cabelas on the way to the lodge. We will arrive at the lodge and check the rifles at our range , give an ???Getting there: wide, dark horned heavy bucks live here! ? ?orientation, and head out to scout for the next mornings hunt. Depending on dates, your hunt is 4-6 days. Schedule your departing flight out of Edmonton for the afternoon following your last days hunt. If you plan on flying private, there is a 3000 ft. paved airstrip 15-min. from camp.

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November 1-30 of each year

Both Trophy Whitetail and Trophy Mule Deer are hunted during the "rut". Alberta is one of the few places allowing Trophy Mule Deer hunting during the rut. We offer one week and two week hunts for either deer or for both Whitetail and Mule Deer, starting the first week of November and ending November 30. The rut generally runs November 15-30.

Wide, dark-horned heavy bucks live here!

Hunting Conditions and Methods: November in the rut is one of best times to hunt deer in Alberta. Do not concern yourself with the weather as the vehicles are never far away and with proper clothing and the excitement of the hunt you will enjoy the time outdoors, and the snow makes for great tracking.

A wide variety of methods are employed to successfully harvest your trophy such as stands, still hunting, horn rattling, glassing over river valleys and wide open pastures and then making a stalk on the trophy. The majority of the time you are glassing from a warm truck! You will be kept busy hunting all day.

Care of Game: Experienced guides will get your trophy ready for the taxidermist. If you prefer, the meat can be taken to a local butcher shop for processing (at your expense). If the animal is taken early enough in your hunt you can take home all of your processed meat with you. No meat will be shipped after the hunt is complete due to custom delays and spoilage.

Firearms Import: You will have no problem bringing your sporting arms and ammunition into Canada (no pistols). You will be sent an import form to be filled out and presented to customs at point of entry. Recommended caliber is .270 and larger. These deer are big - bodied animals, often weighing 300-400 lbs. You will have no problems EXPORTING your trophies and meat at the time of your departure, if you desire. 50% of hunt value; balance and license fees due approx. 45 days prior to your hunt arrival.

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A brute of a buck

Alberta Mule Deer
Riata's Mike Gardner with a nice 2013 buck scoring in the 170s BC

Alberta Mule Deer
Riata's Mike Gardner with a 170s buck

Riata's Mike Gardner with a 193BC buck 2012

2012 Muley
Riata's Mike Gardner with a customer buck scoring 224BC 2012