Giant Panhandle Mule Deer & Whitetails


About Panhandle Mule Deer

The word is out on this new "honey hole" for trophy mule deer. Many north Texas counties formerly closed to mule deer hunting have recently been opened, some for the first time in history. This has created a unique opportunity for the discerning trophy hunter in search of record book mule deer.

These deer have not been pressured. Recently, muleys exceeding 150-180BC and weighing over 300 pounds have been harvested - most unpublicized. Antler spreads range 26"-33" and heavy mass is common with deep forks.  The state record came from this sand hills region. The ranches are very large, many exceeding 100,000 acres where the annual mule deer quota may not exceed 10 animals. 

Hunting is conducted by patiently glassing large areas, including wheat fields, mesquite flats, and prairie grassland creeks and river timber breaks. We also have low mountains, mesas, and rocky areas. "Spot & stalk" is the preferred method of harvest. We also do a limited amount of high racking from 4x4 vehicles. Shots can be long. In some cases the client may be able to combine his hunt with a trophy whitetail in applicable areas.

These hunts are in the greatest demand and booking early is recommended. Be among the select few to experience this once in a lifetime, unique opportunity. Call us for rates at (512) 261-2400. 

About Panhandle Whitetail

The Panhandle of extreme North Texas has come on in recent years as the new "hotspot" for huge Kansas strain whitetails. These bruisers can easily exceed 265 pounds, rivaling Canadian whitetails without the extreme weather and international travel. Many free ranging Boone & Crockett bucks exceeding 190BC have been taken recently in the Red and Canadian River breaks - most unpublicized.

The ranches are big and have not been subdivided. They are enormous and can exceed 20,000 acres on one ranch. This is mesquite flats, low mountains, mesas, and grassland prairie with heavy, brushy draws and timber river bottoms lined with winter wheat fields.

Hunting is conducted by patiently glassing large areas and using "spot & stalk" methods.  We also high rack some areas in 4x4 trucks. Shots can be long. These deer are not pressured providing the trophy hunter a unique opportunity.

This is a hunt which can include staying in moderate ranch cabins.  The food is home cooked and unique to the North Texas culture. In some cases, the client may be able to combine his whitetail hunt with a trophy mule deer in applicable areas.

Be among the select few to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Call us for rates at (512)  261-2400.

Lodging: 3 bedroom/2 bath ranch house fully furnished.


Whitetail: Call for pricing.
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