South Texas 35K Acre Ranch

Whitetail & Quail Hunts

35,000 low fenced, contiguous, free range hunting in one of the top 9 counties in texas for free range whitetail. Jim Hogg county, located in the "Golden Triangle" of famous South Texas whitetail and wild Bobwhite Quail hunting. Part of a 91,000 acre ranch.

South Texas Free Ranging, low fenced Trophy Whitetail hunting. A limited number of hunts up to 135BC and full blown trophy hunts from 135-180 BC hunts are available. Hunt for the best mature buck we can find on the ranch, within your package. Excellent lodge, great meals, professional guides and modern equipment.

South Texas is the Mecca of Whitetail deer & wild Bobwhite Quail hunting. The ranch lies in famed "Golden Triangle" of South Texas where approximately 71% of all typical and 86% of all non-typical free range Boone & Crockett entries for Texas Whitetails have come from the last 90+ years. The ranch lies in this 9 county area. The ranch has been a consistent producer over the last 19 years of 140-180+ class free range deer and has been a consistent winner of the South Texas big buck contests multiple years, winning both typical and non-typical categories.


When looking for a quailty, free range trophy whitetail hunt, consider this:

  • Anybody with 100 acres can advertise a trophy whitetail hunt. You need thousands of acres to produce high-quality free range deer every year. We have it.
  • This is your hard-earned money and vacation. Don't blow it on a mistake while trying to save a couple thousand dollars, just to go home without what you came to Texas for. Travel time and cost, licenses, fuel, hotels, airlines, shipping meat and horns, etc. Pay a little more for a high quality experience on a ranch that produces 140-180+ class free range deer every year.

Please read below to see the facts of why you should book your hunt with us.


The area between Falfurrias and Hebbronville is one of the top 3 areas in the world for wild Bobwhite Quail hunting. This "King Ranch" country has all the sandy soils, adequate rainfall, and native grasses that make up the finest quail hunting in the world.

Our quail hunts feature worldclass bird dogs and handlers and the best equipment and vehicles that can be found in the world of wild quail hunting.


A recent season was one of the best Whitetail seasons ever. Our low fence pastures AVERAGED a trophy score of 158 B+C, including several 170s AND 180s. One was a mainframe 14 pt that scored 173 and came in 4th place for women’s division at the South Texas buck contest.

We were 98% success on trophy harvest with clients. We left a large number of mature deer for years to come and are hopeful with the right conditions, this season will be even better.

If your looking for a free range trophy whitetail in the 140-180 + class or batter look no further than our ranch. It’s simply one of the top 5 free range whitetail ranches in Texas. If you're looking for a hunt where you can hunt the biggest mature buck you can find on the ranch with your guide, look no further!


The Ranch

35,000 + acres, part of a 91,000 acre contiguous ranch. One of the largest contiguous ranches remaining in South Texas. Clients hunt approx. 35,000+ acres.

The ranch, located in the heart of the South Texas Brush Country, has been under an intensive management program for the last 20+ years. The management program, combined with excellent habitat, has made our ranch a sportsman’s paradise for whitetail deer and Quail. A large scale protein feeding program, selective culling, and habitat enhancement have resulted in some of the finest FREE RANGE whitetail and quail habitat in South Texas.

The lodge is nice 3 bedroom ranch house with beds and linens and pillows is provided. A cook is provided and all meals are prepared for our guests.

Our staff gives 100 percent to our hunters during their stay and while we don’t guarantee harvest of a trophy animal, we are proud of our high success rate. More importantly, we guarantee a great hunt and a memorable experience. We are hunting in brush country, where savannah like grass pastures, prickly pear cactus and mesquite trees stretch across low rolling sandy terrain.

The majority of whitetail on our trophy hunts harvested during the last 20+ seasons gross scored between 135-180 Boone & Crockett or better.

Our standard trophy hunt is Thursday noon-Sunday noon. We primarily hunt from stands, but if conditions permit, we also rattle, stalk, and still-hunt from on foot and from 4-wheel drive hunting vehicles.

All hunts are fully guided and the guide determines to the maturity of the deer. We define a mature trophy class buck as one that is 5.5 + years old or older.


Available Hunts

Gold Trophy Hunt

4 Day Hunt. Hunt for the biggest mature buck we can find on the ranch. Covers 4 days/3 nights/ 6 hunt sessions. 12:00PM arrival/ 12:00PM departure. Hunt includes meals, lodging on the ranch, 1X1 guide service and game care. Archery and rifle hunters are welcome. Game Includes per hunter: 1 trophy buck, 1 doe, possibly a cull, Wild Boar & Javelina, Bobcats & Coyotes

Silver Trophy Hunt

2 Day Hunt. This is for a mature buck that typically scores 115-135 Boone & Crockett (B&C); also, time permitting, includes hunts for spikes.

Bronze Cull Hunt

1 Day Hunt. Includes up to four animals: does, spikes, hogs and a cull buck of the guides choice. Under 17 only please.

Father & son Gold trophy/ Silver trophy combo hunt

Includes 1 trophy buck and 1 corporate buck

Whitetail Guidelines: Trophy Gold Bucks are mature deer at least 5.5 + years old and scoring above 135 gross B&C. Guides determine age and give the hunter an idea of what the deer will score. Trophy Silver Bucks are 4.5 + years and older, with eight to 10 points, scoring between 115-135 B&C.

Bronze Cull Bucks are bucks of any age that are less than 115 B&C, which the guide feels does not fit the ranch’s management program. This is most often either a spike or a very old buck.

Wild Bobwhite Quail Hunts

Pricing per person. Min of 8 hunters. Arrive Thursday evening with dinner; Hunt AM and PM over dogs on Friday; Hunt AM on Saturday followed by brunch Depart after brunch.

Hog & Javelina Hunts

Pricing per person. 3 nights, lodging, meals and guide. 2 Javelina and unlimited Hogs per pserons. 2 person min. 


Dates are very limited with a 75%+ return client base.

Quail Dates: November, January and February.

Whitetail Dates: November-January. hunts for trophy and corporate bucks 5 1⁄2 years begin each year starting with the season opener October 1 and we can hunt through January 30. Please call for available dates.

Hog/Javelina Dates: February-March.


Package Guidelines:

All hunting packages require a non-refundable deposit due upon booking your hunt, with the balance due in 2 incremental payments.

If a conflict should arise and you cannot make your scheduled hunt we will make every effort to find a replacement hunter for your hunting dates. We have a very fair policy. If you have not had an opportunity to harvest a whitetail buck during your 4 day hunt, we will extend your hunt another one and a half days or apply half of the fee toward a hunt next season.

To reserve hunt date: 30% of the hunt price as a deposit/ 35% mid way point, 35% balance will be due 45 days prior to arrival. We accept checks and all major credit cards. Any additional trophy fees are due at the ranch upon harvest via credit card through Riata.

Getting There: Some of our guests fly into Laredo or Corpus Christi and rent a car for the 100-mile drive to Hebbronville. If you fly private aircraft, we will meet you at Jim Hogg County Airport, which has a 5,000 ft. lighted runway, and is approx. 8 mi. away from the hotel.

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165 B&C - lots of smiles!

173 B&C Mainframe 14-Pointer

168 B&C Mainframe 10-Pointer

158 B&C 10-Pointer 22" Wide