Alaska mixed bag fishing

 Alaska Fishing
5 star lodge on private lake & rivers

Our lodge is considered one of the the last strongholds for remote fishing in Alaska, offering anglers the opportunity to explore fly fishing in its purest form. If fly fishing is your art and your passion, you’ve come to the right place. If fly fishing is your budding curiosity, you won’t ever want to go home!

Alaska Fishing Alaska Fishing

Nestled deep in the spectacular Talkeetna Mountains, our 5-mile long private, crystal clear lake offers ample opportunity to fish idyllic waters throughout the summer. In early June, anglers cast for Rainbow and Lake Trout, Dolly Varden, and Artic Grayling. By July, Chinook (King) and Sockeye (Red) Salmon are plentiful. With the arrival of August, anglers are casting for the coveted Coho (Silver) Salmon.

In order to ensure each angler a truly unique, wilderness experience, our lodge limits the number of fishing guests per week, but our guests are not limited to lake fishing; nearby clear water rivers, streams and tributaries offer additional remote fishing opportunities for those craving even more solitude and exploration.

Alaska Fishing Alaska Fishing

With over a dozen boats and 3 planes we are well equipped and well prepared to give you the best experience Alaska fly fishing has to offer.

Our chef will serve you world class meals and guests also enjoy wifi, land line phone service, satellite tv and many other amenities.

Alaska Fishing
13 pound Lake Trout May 2015

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